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Why do a lot of people hate Willie so much Jamie was blackmailed to sleep with his mother and he didn’t mean to get her pregnant

I don’t know about other people but I have a few issues with Willie because 1) Jamie wanted a son named William with Claire (and thats what they deserved) 2) He is a plot device to keep LJG around 3)I never liked the Geneva storyline and the whole rape thing so I wasn’t really thrilled when she got pregnant 4) William doesn’t really grow up to be a lovable character. 5) Jamie saying he owes Claire is soul because she carried his child makes me instantly think of Geneva and I cringe. Also trying to make Willie pass for the golden child, no. 


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1×14 Extended Scene (requested by whatifthisstormends)

Oh my god, I’ve never seen this before. 😭

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