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warandpeas:Near Death Experience

warandpeas:Near Death Experience

You implied that Cait’s engagement to Tony is a staged noise. But do you really think Cait would risk having her reputation and integrity destroyed? I don’t think her fans would accept that deception. Also did you imply that Cait’s a liar?

People in HW barely know Cait and I doubt they know she is engaged nor who she is engaged to.

All you have to see is Tim Downie’s twitter thread to realize people in the UK industry are not aware she is engaged…so..

The only ones that follow all this closely and might think it inappropriate is the fandom and well, why should they care wtf we think…

This is HW ffs, I am pretty sure nobody’s reputation and integrity was destroyed over things like this, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie only got more popular, Jenna/Tom, nobody remembers they were dating others at the time, Ginny/Josh same thing… I mean, I could go on… 

Is Cait a liar? Well… yes, I think Sam and Cait are lying about their relationship (s)… so what?! Big deal. People lie all the freaking time and at least this is not affecting any world life/death events. They are not going to go to Hell for this LOL LOL, they are not hurting anyone with it except maybe themselves… they have a reason for it I’m sure… not sure what it is nor who the show is for… but… there is a reason for it.

So chill out… 

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