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This is not about Cait vs Sam, just Cait. Was she as amazing as she always is in 401? To me she always comes across as a natural performer, charismatic and amazing screen presence. So, how was she in 401?

Oh goodness, Anon. I love this question xD

As I hinted to in my NYCC recap, there was definitely one moment at the end that really highlights her ability to manufacture emotions on a second’s notice and make the viewer feel it so viscerally.

In the premiere, as with most premieres, there’s a lot of set up and explanation that needs to be done, but what was great about it was that it didn’t feel like tons and tons of exposition. But this also doesn’t always leave room for many bigger acting moments as you would find toward the middle and end of a season. Still, there’s so many moments to enjoy.

I can’t really say much without going into specifics about scenes, but I thought that, for both of them, this episode really showcased their range as actors. Caitriona had to deal with scenes that were somber, funny, romantic, physical, touching, and sensual. And I really loved her in all of them. This season there seems to be a softness she’s brought to Claire that perhaps we haven’t seen before, or only saw the beginnings of. This definitely lends to the sense of contentment that is so very palpable between Jamie x Claire. And yet there’s still that fierceness, both lingering and in full force, that is evident in both her eyes and her demeanor.

As you say, Anon, she has “amazing screen presence.” Words really aren’t necessary for the emotion she wants to portray to leap out to the audience. Ugh, I can’t wait until everyone watches it because that last scene! I just want to yell about it for days xD I would also love to see the script for that episode and know what, if any, kind of direction she was given there. 

It’s safe to say that this episode has made me extremely excited for the rest of the season. I can’t wait to see what Caitriona will do with Immigrant!Claire, making a new life in this brand new place with the man she loves. It’s going to be fantastic, for sure. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

屈穎妍:「我們只把你請走,沒拉你槍斃,算是最文明的抗議了」 Me:

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「但我們能肯定的是,至少這個世界上少了一個在受苦的生物,這才是重點。」 from Facebook via IFTTT

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