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taishou-kun: Happy Neko no hi 猫の日 (Japanese cat day) ! Takehisa…


Happy Neko no hi 猫の日 (Japanese cat day) !

Takehisa Yumeji 竹久夢二 (1884-1934)

Bungei kōdan 文藝講談 (Literature storytelling) magazine cover – Japan – 1927

Source FB Yayoi Art Museum · Yumeji Takehisa Art Museum 弥生美術館・竹久夢二美術館

wehadfacesthen: Evelyn Tripp wears a Christian Dior evening…


Evelyn Tripp wears a Christian Dior evening gown in a photo by Erwin Blumenfeld, Paris, 1949

Escape: the reconnecting years


Claire didn’t know which was worse, the shock of finding herself sitting at a gate in Edinburgh’s departure terminal, or the annoyance she couldn’t tamp down.

Her phone pinged.  She looked down and scoffed.  Bloody Jenny Murray.

On a scale of 1 to Wishing Me Dead, how much do you hate me?

I’m planning your funeral.  What’s that tell you? she texted back.  Claire closed her eyes, and inhaled deeply.  I hate surprises, she tapped out quickly on her phone. You know that.  How could you?

Because I knew you’d never agree to it otherwise, the answer flashed back.

Remind me, Jenny, how you went on a trip with Ian when your kids had just started back to school, the youngest in Primary 1? Remind me how you just let your husband plan your leave from work?  Oh, that’s right! YOU DIDN’T.

Claire waited for a response.  Silence.  Got you there, Jenny Murray, she thought.

She looked up to see Jamie striding towards her.  His eyes were pinned on her, and she knew he was gauging her mood.  Her initial reaction to being “ambushed” wasn’t a good one.  Smart man that he was, he was walking softly and carrying a large, hot beverage.  

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captainpoe: Christopher Robin (2018)


Christopher Robin (2018)

bears-official: everythingstarstuff: the only man i trust tbh



the only man i trust tbh

We have got to stop reading into every little thing. It’s setting us up for a big let down. Just because she has her hand on his back it doesn’t mean there together. Sam has said he’s an introvert and Cait is offering him support like she would any friend.

I wasn’t going to give this one the time of day, but …oh what the hell.  

1 – However did the poor boy make it through his movie promo or premiere?

2 –  There is no ‘we’ or ‘us’  You are not my people.

3 –  It’s ‘they’re’.

Shippers, take a look at these pictures with fresh eyes.  Cait is not the touchy feely cuddly type at all like we once thought.  Sam is quaking in his boots in these pictures, a real bundle of nerves, and she is offering her friendly support.  Makes sense too since anyone who’s read her sm knows that she lives to stroke the male ego.  Thankyou also Anon, for clarifying that a touch of the hand means nothing, since that  (barely that)  is all we’ve seen her offer her fiancé, obviously a man who is so much less introverted and more secure in his own masculinity than Sam.  

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