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Hi what do you make of this new article in Parade Magazine? Why the constant need to deny? I often think that the more you try to push a narrative, the more you’re trying to hide the truth. I would really appreciate your honest opinion as someone in PR. You can answer me directly and I won’t publish your answer if you want to. Thanks. Oh and I love your blog.

Hi !

Why the constant need to deny? Good question. Someone somewhere must be insecure about this whole thing enough to have clouded judgement. Constantly talking about something that is supposedly false is certainly not going to make it go away. Their best option would be the switch their approach, and yet it stays the same. Although I have never said whether I think the engagement is real or not, I have always said that I thought it was being used for PR purposes. Considering that every written article about Caitirona mentions it, I don’t think that POV can be ruled out. Let’s be honest, there is no reason for it to be mentioned at every opportunity, there is an agenda behind whatever this is. Caitriona should not be defined / reduced by her engagement. If they are not careful, that is what is going to happen.

Being a public figure certainly doesn’t negate the right to a private life, but in the past few monts, neither of them have been private. I could even go as far as saying that Sam has been more private in the past few months, whilst it used to be the opposite.

Good day 💗

liquidlightandrunningtrees: “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” —…


“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

A small but vocal musing


This is a drive-by as I slept later because the BOSTON RED SOX are going to the World Series and MLB starts the games too damn late. (God help me if the Dodgers win the National League.)   Now, I must start a 9 meeting day because I’m an idiot and accepted 9 meetings on a Friday.  So, apologies for the thoughts not fully formed but I’m already getting Asks. PS. This blog brought to you by italics.

A small but vocal group of people.  I refuse to give LR the hit but isn’t that
pretty close to what our friend Chris Parnell said?  Chris Parnell, who co-presides over a Sony
division generating revenue in the billions, in a time where
developing a sustainable strategy in television changes quarterly. He kind of has other things to do, ya know?  Based on the salaries leaked when Sony was
hacked four years ago, this man probably makes a several million a year before stock and bonus.   I work for a large company and I guarantee you
that our president (never mind those the next level down) do not have time for
stuff like that.  Yet, it’s crept into
the narrative of an extremely expensive show just as we are two weeks away from
S4 after a very long hiatus.    INFU.

If they are so big on disputing the obvious, why draw
attention to the group promoting it, time and again?  At least they toned down the they are delusional
insult.  We’re kind of hard to find, I doubt I would
have found any of you organically on Twitter.
Tumblr scares most people, I’ve been on social media since before it was
social media yet I stayed away from Tumblr until after I binged S1.   But,
if I kept hearing about this group, especially if I was open to the idea of
SamCait, I might check them out to see why they believe.  Because I would say there is a very large but not vocal group who might
wonder, or who would be just fine and a little tickled to find out they are
together.  It’s just not the core of
their fandom.   I run into them all the
time.  I was them after I binged S1 and found the first Paleyfest and
SDCC.  I just assumed after watching
those two that they were together but I was a new, casual fan and probably hadn’t
read about it.  That large but quiet
group is out there. And boy, large but quiet group,  do we have receipts.  

PS. Chris, Cait and anyone else who decided on this new
finger in the dam narrative.  A small
group of vocal people throughout history who refused to accept what they are
told have started many a movement or have been proven right about what they refused to

But, as I said in an earlier blog this week, the there are
tens of thousands who will accept this as face value as they learn the show is
coming in November and they better call their cable company to renew Starz for
3 months or login to Amazon to sign up there again.  They are casual fans and they will believe
what they read.   They haven’t seen her
indifferent interactions with “someone else”.
They don’t have that warehouse of receipts that needs more square footage.  They didn’t see Sam look at
Cait with incredible love and tenderness at Paley when he said “they are
together at least”.  They won’t realize
that his whole damn face softened from the sentence before and the word finally was implied after “they are”
because they both had filming commitments this summer.  

I wonder if this was a phone interview or a written question
& answers submission.  Every answer
is too exact, too polished.   It lacks personality that we know is there
because we saw it two weeks ago in New York.
It’s also the easiest way to get your very specific and exact message
out there.  It’s a (not so smart) bomb.

I hate to paraphrase an actual Nazi but Make the lie simple, make it big and then repeat it often.  They will believe it.

Not everyone gets it, Cait. Especially you.

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Hey! New Fans!

In case you don’t have time or aren’t interested enough to read the whole article, here is the headline, even though no one asked:

“Caitriona Balfe Talks Outlander Fans and How Sam Heughan Is Her Total Opposite”

Total opposite lol lol lol lol

I‘m CRYING 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂 that pic @mama-tumblz , I can‘t breathe!!!!!!!! Also, what the FUCK is with that headline?! Are they really that dumb? Loool

you can’t find two people more opposite than Sam and Cait. Obvi.

I updated it 🤠

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Since we‘re apparently a „small vocal group“, I‘d be interested to know just how small our group is. So:

If you‘re a SamCait shipper and you know it, reblog this post. *click click* 🎵

If you‘re a SamCait shipper and you know it, reblog this post *click click* 🎵

If you‘re a SamCait shipper and you know it

, then your Tumblr will surely show it


If you‘re a SamCait shipper and you know it, reblog this post *click click* 🎵

Aye Aye Captain ⛵🚢🚣🚤






xlisaleinx: Can I just say -(and this is totally unrelated to shipping or no shipping or whatever)…


Can I just say –

(and this is totally unrelated to shipping or no shipping or whatever) –

I‘m truly, utterly sick of the actors‘ private lives being discussed in video and print articles that are supposed to promote the new season of Outlander.

I‘m sick of hearing/reading about Caitriona‘s engagement or about Sam‘s dating life. I‘m sick of hearing/reading about Sam and Caitriona’s walk in Hyde Park for the umpteenth time. I‘m sick of hearing what they think about what fans think about their personal lives.

I want to know more about the upcoming season. I want to hear and read about Jamie and Claire. About Fraser‘s Ridge. About the costumes. About production challenges and funny BTS stories.

I‘m fed up with the promo circus being used to promote stuff that has absolutely 👏🏼 nothing 👏🏼 to do 👏🏼 with the show.

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