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Thoughts on caitriona’s Q&A?

This has nothing to do with shipping or not shipping, I’m talking about her behaviour here. I’m here because I fell in love with a tv show, I don’t care about people’s belief as long as those people are cool (and I’m afraid to say, antis don’t fall in the cool people category) 

Well, if you know me, you know I LOVE Caitriona and love is an understatement. If I feel like her behaviour is bullshit, it might as well be because it is and I’m not wearing rose coloured glasses. We are two weeks away from the new season and as much as I love to know what Cait wears or what books she reads, I would prefer some scoop on the show (not the same three words), some more insight into her character and such and the Q&A actually started well for it. She gets a ton of interesting questions but somehow, she chooses to answers the same over and over again and now, she adds the ones about her personal life that she desperately “wants” to keep private. 

It’s really easy to sound mean and condescending when you write so adding !!!!!!!!! to everything doesn’t help. And again, this isn’t about shipping or not. I want to know about the show, the upcoming season(s) and I want BTS things. 

rainmanjdog: I’m sorry. I guess I’m no longer a shipper. This isn’t healthy for me and it’s clear…


I’m sorry. I guess I’m no longer a shipper. This isn’t healthy for me and it’s clear shippers will be the target by the producers, the actors, the journalists. I’m sure the KDS interview will be awesome. Antis, you win. Have fun with your hatefulness, spitefulness, meanness and pettiness.

I enjoyed two people who made each other laugh. That’s it. That’s all I celebrated.

I don’t want to be part of something where people wish others would commit suicide.

I don’t want to be part of a production who makes fun of fans and women.

I wonder if Caitriona will be wearing her “whatever-carat” ring to check Sam’s bawls for the next Cahonas fundraiser when they want our money again.

The three traits which matter the most to me are humility, kindness and humor. All I say tonight was aggression, meanness and sarcasm towards a coworker and best friend wrapped up in humor.

How can I, and why would I want to ship that????

It’s the opposite of love and joy and respect and loyalty and all of the reasons I became a shipper in the first place.

Don’t people who own their truth say something once and move on? What’s with the brow beating?

That wasn’t owning your truth, that was just a typical denial with no new info but very wrong place, very wrong time.

Something triggered her before she logged in, IMO.  And then the asshats on all sides who couldn’t help themselves added the spark and you gets what you gets.  And then nobody’s happy except the antis who can’t see that she was the kid with chocolate all over her face insisting she did NOT eat the cake meant for tomorrow’s bake sale.

I can’t tell anyone what to say or what to do, I know that.  So I am going to ask instead. Please, please please stop tweeting at them to force them to say more than they can or will.  Please please please Stop tagging them in inappropriate questions.  FUCKING STOP  tagging Starz, Sony, Chris Parnell and anyone else where it will just backfire on them and that in turn backfires on the fandom.  ALL of the fandom.  There are probably new or casual fans going WTF right now. 

This  may be our hobby but it’s their life.

Whew boy. Cait’s last round of questions. Does someone need to hide the nearest scissors away from her? Cait chose those questions specifically and I’m just ….😳😐😑

And I thought Parade was thou doth protest too much…

Why is nobody whispering in her ear (via text or something) to tell her to chill, stay away from deliberately provocative questions and just answer fun or interesting ones.  She’d have fun and so would the fans.   She has trouble handling provocative questions and there are apparently plenty in this fandom that have limited social grace enough to ask them.

rainmanjdog: sherrigamblin: Ypu started it. Thank you for posting this!!!! It is the first time…



Ypu started it.

Thank you for posting this!!!! It is the first time I have cried over this in three years. I’m sorry.

Caitriona i has been a total liar, bitch and gaslighter on Twitter today.

This is her doing. This is her and Sam’s doing. I can only think it is because they are together and she is protecting her true personal life, she is regretting reading us in or she has protecting Sam from outing him.

It’s all I’ve got. But I’m done. She isn’t worthy of my respect. I regret ever spending a dime meeting her.

Does she even realize how unlikeable she comes off? Though I don’t think she cares.

She should just ignore the questions that are obviously (and inappropriately) poking at things (right now both shippers and antis have crossed the line several times, IMO).  And she’s over-reacting on something as simple as Sam used to be your hubby because she’s the one who used to call him that regularly.  And her over-reacting to me with her answers is having the opposite effect, heh.

Log-off Cait, take a deep breath, have a drink or go for a walk.  And next Q&A when Claire is 200, just stick to questions about your favorite book.

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