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Loss (Act II), Part Thirteen



Many thanks to the lovely @sassenachwaffles and @kkruml, as always, for helping me organize the jigsaw puzzle pieces of my mind. And thanks to @balfeheughlywed for telling me that it was okay to let the beginning of this breathe.

You’re in for a long chapter guys. Get a dram. 

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Loss: Act II
Part Thirteen

his uninjured hand, Jamie caught me by the wrist. The look in his wide verged
on pleading.  “Ye dinna need to do… this.”

do.” It took next to no effort to
pull myself from his slack grasp, attempting to ignore the shiver the look on
his face sent sluicing down my spine. “And I am going to.”

double checked the door and drew the privacy curtain as I slipped out of my
cardigan.  Tying my hair back, I gave him
the softest smile I could muster under the circumstances.  

ye dinna ken how this makes me feel. Like… I’m less of a man.”

Jamie.”  It came out as a long,
almost-mournful breath drawn from the depths of my lungs. “Nothing could be
further from the truth.  There’s nothing
to be ashamed of––”

not shame.”  He turned his head, his gaze fixing on the
window.  “I just dinna want ye to see me
all… helpless… wretched.”

The incredulity came out of me in a squawking scoff.  Inhaling deeply in an attempt to center
myself before speaking again, I rounded the bed and stood directly in his line
of sight. I resisted the urge to lecture him that whatever emotion he was
feeling sounded precisely like
misplaced shame.

weak and ye’ve no’ ever seen me like this. How am I to protect ye when I canna
even wash myself?”

subconsciously, I assumed the pose I typically reserved to do battle with him
in an argument –– hands on hips, narrowed eyes.  His words reverberated through me (the hollow strike of a mallet on a bell).
My reaction was not borne of anger, but incredulity. And I had precisely no
capacity to address it rationally. “But what about me protecting you?”

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“And it was good.”


lbmockingbird: luvie75: cb4tb: Musing on Fear, Bravery and a Soft LandingI was pretty wound up…




Musing on Fear, Bravery and a Soft Landing

I was pretty wound up last night, not just because of the Q&A and my inbox exploding but I was over-tired which in a cruel trick of nature always makes it harder for me to fall asleep.   So, my mind races through the day and the upcoming week or weeks (including a vacation-yay).  It’s like I have to let it clear itself before I can rest.

I started thinking about how it took 18 months for Sam to look like his pantomime was taking its toll but when it did, boy did he look like a walking symbol of despair and unhappiness.  (I think part of that is that it was extended beyond what was originally agreed to.)  Cait is 10 months into hers and it looked like it took its toll a few months ago.  I think part of that is because she thinks she can handle things better than she does, coincidentally kind of like Claire.

I know they likely have no frat clauses in their contract but I also don’t think Starz would go so far as to fire them.  Part of power is holding something over someone even if you don’t intend to do anything about it.   I listen to the quarterly investment calls and Starz needs Outlander.  Lionsgate isn’t doing very well and they are making a lot of investments. The song and dance by the CEO and CFO in these calls is amusing.   Starz is holding LGF up financially but after attending Comic-Con and seeing Amazon grab the next highly anticipated book by the author of American Gods, I think they have big issues of their own.  They also just signed a $150M multi-year contract with 50 Cent and despite the hype, their new shows like Vida and SweetBitter didn’t do as well as they projected.   Outlander is the proverbial cash cow and that cow becomes ground beef if the leads leave.  

With the caveat that it’s definitely easy for me to say, it sounds like what is needed here is for bravery to overcome fear.   It feels like one of those things where the fear exceeds what the reality will be.  From the simplest thing like flying for the first time, or going into a final exam that can make or break your grade to the very serious like someone coming out to their family as gay-most people will say after the fact that the fear of it was far worse than what happened. (Note this is not meant to minimize those times when the fear was justified and the reality was awful-especially for gay kids with bigoted parents.)

It feels like Sam is willing to test that water and Cait is not.  Yet, her body language betrays her at things like NYCC/Paley weekend.  Her heart wants to too, IMO.  And as a fellow over-thinker first class, I can see that she’s talking her heart out of it-even as it likely breaks a little each time.   Someone she trusts needs to hold her hand and say that after a few months of scrutiny, the privacy she craves will return-in fact it might be more because fans and journalists will move on to find another scoop somewhere else with another secret couple.  Can you imagine how freer they will both find interviews without being on edge for “the question”, even if they were forced to plant it.   

So, while I have my issues with both of them and the way this has all been handled, I was inspired by @mama-tumblz comment this morning of “Living a lie and being called on it, but not able to budge either way?” and a chat with a new fan/friend last night. My message is this-Get the right professional support (whether it’s a combo of  a lawyer, Jennifer Allen or somebody different than Cait’s current team) and

Take the plunge

                 Make the leap

                                     Fall backwards.  

The VAST (imo) majority of casual and neutral fans will smile and say good for you.   And if you get crap from the creep in the Starz front office or the Sony co-President, have somebody leak it and let the #MeToo movement and Ronan Farrow sweep it up for you.

Go ahead, we’ll catch you.

Perfect musing Cb!

We should think about the whole scenario since the begining. Just the single fact that after 5 years they must come with the same kind of PR driven articles and still answer the same old question “are you a couple?”, is enough proof that the supposed relationships were not organic and most likely not truth. The suits doesn’t want shippers, that’s clear now, so stop the “it’s just fanservice” BS. And to this point, being their relationship only the bff kind, the especulation would be reduced to a minimum. But still, this isn’t happening… something must change!

If they are really together, they will have no consequences if they tell the truth. If this BS continues, they could lose a lot – not the least of which could be each other. This is taking a toll on all of us who only want the best for them. Can you imagine what it is for them? Neither of them ever has to answer a personal question. Why do they? They need to stop this.

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