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I wasn’t part of the OL fandom last year, but it seems it was right around this time or slightly before that the push to inject UBA into the narrative intensified in 2017. And now we have numerous articles from mainly low-prestige rags (not just Parade) specifically naming the fiancé, right before the S4 premiere. If Sam is the big draw with his army of rabid female fans, why this strategy to promote the show? Who does this appease apart from the antis?

The fact that Chris Parnell is participating and LR who is the contracted print lead for the network should tell you who it is appeasing.

It’s all the same purpose. When people Googled about Sam and Cait together in the first season, they got a lot of speculation articles and cozy pictures. Now if you Google, you’ll get Cait is engaged and you’ll still get a lot of old UBA articles along with the US Weekly article.

If all involved from those in power to those in hiding want to deflect rumors, that’s how it’s done. TPTB may incorrectly think that’s what most fans want and the couple in hiding gets privacy…. Although lately I would ask at what cost.

It’s funny, they call shippers small but vocal but I think the selfish bunch that fear a break up will ruin the show are the small but vocal ones.

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Doggo Halloween costumes have peaked


I dead ass thought it was a baby elephant for a minute.



honoredmatre: this is like how a dream feels

this is like how a dream feels

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America Ferrera, photographed by Yelena Yemchuk for Porter Edit, Oct 5, 2018.

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