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Escape: the reconnecting years


Claire was lucky.  

Luckier than most.  She knew that.

As she stood on the skydeck of the Willis Tower on her last afternoon in Chicago, Claire couldn’t contain the tears that had been threatening to fall all week.  

In the distance the sun was sparkling off the surface of Lake Michigan.  She was here in this city, enjoying this view because of Jamie.  And he had to ambush her to make her see what she was missing.  

Not really missing.  Ignoring.  Taking for granted.


She felt ashamed.

She had a husband who loved her.  

No, not just loved her, but was in love with her.

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suhailauniverse: #MorningMood ☕


#MorningMood ☕

Nothing is lost. Only changed. They are so soft I wanna cry. They are the physics I need to start this Friday morning. “The first law asserts that if heat is recognized as a form of energy, then the total energy of a system plus its surroundings is conserved; in other words, the total energy of the universe remains constant.” The first law of thermodynamics ~ Britannica October 26, 2018 at 10:09AM

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cofficionado: Fabri: Are you free today? Sanem: …Can: Not today. She’s got stuff to do. Deren: Like…


Fabri: Are you free today? 

Sanem: …

Can: Not today. She’s got stuff to do. 

Deren: Like what? 


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