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When they go low I go high!!



Every blogger that I have either met directly or through DM knows that I’m pretty chill regarding shipping Sam and Cait. I’ve been stuck on lido deck with cocktails for a while and don’t plan on EVER moving. However today the gaslighting has been put up to another stupid notch and I’m starting to get really aggravated that bloggers on this side of the fandom (who are interesting, smart, caring, funny women etc..) are getting whip lashed due to these BS narratives!! I was already rolling my eyes pretty hard (so much so that they’ve been stuck inside my ass) regarding the sledgehammer promotion of Cait’s “engagement” instead of actually talking about OL but they had to push the stupidity in saying that Sam and Cait have NO SPARKS!!

Sam and Cait chemistry is rare and special; any network/studio would be counting their blessing at having found leads with that level of connection.
But Starz/Sony NOOOOOO!! On the contrary they do their upmost best to get the message out there that Sam/Cait are nothing to root for.

Well I’m not under contract for these POS so I don’t have to do anything they want me to do.

So here it is people, I give you no sparks Sam/Cait circa 2013







I consider myself a zen shipper but keep going that way
idiot execs and I’ll soon become an aggressive one.

I’m pissed off but I want to finish on a good note, so this is literally
my face today after all this BS

Peace everyone, this too shall pass (and it makes me even more resilient so….)

Nice pics

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Just after reading comments on the KDS interview (haven’t watched it because I just cant), I don’t even have the strength tonight to deal with it – maybe tomorrow – but this is the overall sense am getting so far with this “personal life” PR strategy.

Basically, season 4 will all be about Jamie and Claire – old fans know about this. We know the promotion should focus on them and just how together Claire and Jamie would be – finally living together, building a life together, settling together… And old fans (and shippers) would know to separate the show and the actors because we are not crazy.

New fans, on the other hand, don’t know about this and the narrative Sam and Cait are selling. New fans will see and watch season 4 and see the loved up Frasers, all over each other – very much like back in season 1. These new fans will fall in the rabbit hole that is Outlander and naturally, a new legion of “shippers” (both JC and SC) will be born.

I believe (this is just me) that Outlander PR (including the KDS interview) is putting in place these “Sam and Cait talk about their personal lives while promoting Outlander S4 (instead of just focusing on just the latter)” promos to quickly put a halt to the rising of “new shippers” hopes about Sam and Cait.

Jamie and Claire would be so all over each other in S4 that PR is afraid new and old fans would see just TOO much love and they (OL PR) need to stop “feels” before it gets out of hand (?!) and transcend to Sam and Cait shipping.

I mean how weird. Outlander is the only show I’ve known that is actively killing the (too much, too potent and too perfect) chemistry of their show – cause if that is their goal with their shizzy PR, then, they’re doing a great job. (ugh)

I would hand this to Outlander PR for putting all of these “roadblocks” slowly and strategically, beginning with that “aggressive shipping” article to KDS “never have i ever been engaged or thought about popping the question”…so that new fans would have to see and “believe” that Sam and Cait have no spark and no chemisty at all and not at all worth shipping in “real” life cause she’s “engaged” and SC is “never” going to happen.

Go ahead, push this “narrative” down the throat of new fans as if it will be productive and successful – because so far, all these “denial” are just showing more reasons otherwise and new fans are just weirded out by the PR behavior.

So, a week before the premiere, I say and plea this once again –




And excuse the “narrative” to the side.


Every. Word.



Been saying this all day!

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♥︎ Sam and Caitriona ♥︎

“ … their chemistry is undeniable.”

~ Outlander_STARZ, the official Twitter handle for Outlander

They must have been confused. There are no sparks. 


One blog to answer five anons


have a few minutes before my next meeting starts and then I have to rush to the
airport to catch a fight to I have to answer similar questions together.  These are the ones that were grouped together.

KDS seems to have gone on an apology spree now,
in response to the very valid criticism voiced on Twitter on her so-called
“promo” interviews. Thoughts?

Kristin went to Scotland at the very beginning
of March, they did the interview a few days after the mess in Dublin.

KDS was in Scotland in early March I believe.
Later in March Sam did his ‘we are together’ etc interview

Do you believe KDS when she says that she asked
the engagement question because it was so close to the announcement? That’s the
excuse she gave on TW.

I mean, the engagement and chemistry questions
were SO planted it’s not even funny, right? Do you think that interview INFU?

Look at those uncomfortable,
awkward people in that interview just 7-8 weeks after the staged engagement and
staged pap walk in Ireland.  Now, go
rewatch Paley and that new interview from yesterday and look at those two
people.  The ones who share important
things like when Cait quietly went to his movie premiere and his first big
late-night appearance.  We wouldn’t have
known about either of those two without one good picture and Sam going all in
on another one of his slips.

I think KDS knows it wasn’t a great interview.  The questions were staged, the spark on set
after the engagement question was poor journalism and her overall loud, fake
laugh behavior in the interview was like she was a bad actress hyped up on
caffeine.   Their uncomfortable body language about the spark
and Sam’s obvious snark about chemistry was both bizarre and stupid on many levels.
It is literally the selling point of the show.  And there are dozens of articles and pictures
(never mind receipts) to prove otherwise.

I do give her a bit of props for engaging in a respectful conversation
on Twitter just now but she’s full of crap in that she gets no guidelines from
show PR (they all do) unless in this case that I’ll call the IOL (Interview of
Lies) the staging was from their teams-the same ones who started Cait with I AM
IN AUSTRALIA and ended with the totally staged announcement in People after she’d
finished her interviews.  Gotta sell the other side to the UBA coin since March was when she was making kicked to the curb.

I find KDS’s comments on Twitter interesting beyond the obvious
fib about show PR doesn’t give them guardrails.  While she’s gained some credibility
as a person with me, she’s lost all credibility as a journalist.  

Judging by the various trailers and the two steamy bits of
dialogue that we’ve seen from the Brazilian translations of S4, it seems like
there is a lot of Jamie and Claire togetherness coming up.  But the push of their private lives which
they both have insisted is something they do not want to talk about in such an
awkward and heavy-handed way in this promotion -more so than any show that I’ve
ever seen (and at such high levels) screams hiding something.  And the two people glowing in each other’s
presence that I saw in NYC have a very hard time hiding it when left to their own devices.

Gotta run! 

Did this latest interview with KDS ruin the show for you? I see many saying that it has.

It has been tainted since whoever decided that Outlander promo meant killing off devoted, loyal, and intelligent fans with doublespeak. Ever heard of a show that is so invested in stifling its own fans? I haven’t.  What is the point of parading and talking to death the engagement and the “my precious” ring? What does it have to do with the promo for Season 4? NOTHING. 

Releasing a counterproductive and lackluster interview that was done in March a few days before the season premiere serves only to distract from the show, if not kill fans enthusiasm for it. And it’s not just any season. It’s the freaking season of Jamie and Claire. Finding home and creating family and just being in love with each other again. What is the damn point of killing that angle by sticking an irrelevant engagement in the promo? Nobody cares about the engagement. Whether they believe it or not, nobody in their right of mind wants to know, hear or watch anything related to that (except for antis). 

We want promo for Season 4. That’s it. Nothing else. 

Any other show would kill for 0.5% of the chemistry that Sam and Caitriona have. The chemistry and connection would have been the selling point and I bet that any show would promote that to death. But nope, not on Outlander. On Outlander, let’s throw ice on the heat, deny the chemistry, separate the leads during promo, sell a personal story to kill the overall love vibe between the leads, and more. 

It’s disgraceful, counterproductive, and mind boggling. In short, it’s sheer stupidity. And I am sick of it. Sick of the freaking cheapening of Outlander. 

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The other KDS interview

The Engagement Question

Folks, remind me again. We are still in Outlander Season 4 promo right? 

Which means, any and all promotional work should be show related right? That KDS inserted an engagement question (”gotten engaged or thought about popping the question?”) – trying to make it cute and lighthearted – is not just unprofessional but severely disappointing.

What was the point of that one game question? It was so inorganic, it made both Sam and Caitriona uncomfortable whole KDS was gleefully smiling and laughing.

What was the point of that? 

I really thought both Sam and Caitriona were not feeling that particular question. Sam went into this high pitch mode of “Cooongratuuuuulations!!” Caitriona kept drinking and finally spits out “thank you.” Do I think the question was sprung on them? No. But it was enough to be weird AF.

Romantic Sparks Question

After that. KDS asked if they both have felt any romantic spark on set with someone who works on the set. It took them both a bit to respond to that question. I thought it was interesting that KDS asked that question right after the engagement one. You have to wonder if she is on to something here. In the end, they both deflected and laughed about it. Sam said, “we’ve got no chemistry?’ and that was an awkward one too. 

If this interview was suppose to be the nail in the coffin about the engagement, it succeeded or failed depending on who you asked. It didn’t tell me anything new; Sam’s forced congrats felt flat and Caitriona looked uncomfortable. In short, this was an unnecessary and unproductive interview. 

This interview did nothing for Season 4 promo, even when the questions were asked about home and family. The damage was already done.

The only impact it had was to make fans wonder how privacy translates into a new commodity by making public a life that has been claimed to be so private. 

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