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me: immune system why do i have a fever

immune system: well the bacteria can’t survive outside 37 degrees for long so i thought i’d raise the temperature to kill them off!


immune system:


immune system:

me: we also can’t survive outside 37 degrees for long

immune system:

“The immune system walks a fine line between being absolutely useless and killing you.”

Fever is basically the body going “Let’s see who burns first, motherfucker”.

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Toxic Fandom: When Criticism and Entitlement Go Too Far – GeekDad

I am not normally one to discourse, but I felt this was an excellent article about the anti movement in our fandom written with an objective and non biased perspective.

This article is so good – it lays out things in clear terms and knocks down every single hypocritical or false argument used by antis in a number of fandoms.

By creating the #anti-AliceBob tag, the fandom created a community
joined together by their hatred for something. And, over time, these
anti communities radicalized other members.

Discussions shifted
from “I don’t like this” to “no one should like this.” An account from a
user on the anonymous fandom meta site fail_fandomanon described the process:
“Antis became a social group, a hatedom. And once impressing their
fellow clique of antis became more important than being accepted by the
fandom at large, it metastasized into harassing shippers to impress
their little bully clique. It became about the social aspect of being
accepted by the ‘cool kids,’ i.e., the other antis–and like fandom drama
groups in the past, often motivated early on by the fear that they
might come after you if you weren’t on their side.”

Simply saying
“other fans shouldn’t create fan content for the thing I don’t like”
isn’t a compelling argument, so antis began adopting the language of the
social justice movement that is active on Tumblr. Antis generally argue
that the fictional pairing they dislike is morally “problematic,” that
it promotes some broadly objectionable thing like pedophilia, abuse, or
incest, and that content for that pairing should not be allowed on the

If you’re a convention organizer, take caution when someone proposes a panel on ethical shipping, and investigate if the people proposing this are speaking in good faith, or are they trying to gain a platform for inciting harassment. If you’re a member of popular show or movie’s staff, take a moment and remind your fans and followers that you don’t support harassment, especially over ships. And finally, if you’re a fan, be decent to people. Scroll past stuff that isn’t for you. Make the content that you’re passionate about. If we all work together, we can bring back the golden days of “don’t like, don’t read.”

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I could watch this all day.



“Follow the money.” I’m not in the business, but I’ve seen the sizable and predominantly female fans’ literal obsession (and then some) with Sam on SM—5 years and 3 seasons into the show. Wouldn’t the network want to keep that thirsty fantasy alive for existing followers AND stave off any ‘taken Sam’ image for newer fans? Is the engagement promo a heavy-handed means to that end? FWIW, and as a woman, I find taken/married (to Cait) Sam far more attractive.

But you’re an intelligent woman.  The old white guys running the network still think it’s all about lust of a single, attainable guy.  And if you read some of the gross things tweeted to Sam, enough of this fanbase is giving them that signal.  Another part of the fanbase is adament about not wanting them together to put risk to the show.

I think Sam and Cait liked it at first as it gave them air cover.  But all you had to do was look at worn out, stressed Sam last year and jealous Cait to see that they were done with it.  Hooking Cait to a safe, controlled person that has been seen around her for a few years probably seemed like a good choice. 
Of the dozen or so friends/family/coworkers that I know who are casual
OL fans, only two mentioned the engagement and both took it at face
value. (Both expressed disappointment, by the way.)

   She announced it like a coward and then hoped everyone would just take it on face value after she indicated she doesn’t have time to think about it and he’s shy.  Oops.  Seems the studio/network had other ideas.  And say what you want about Cait, she’s committed and she goes all in on a plan, even if it doesn’t make her look good.

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