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Cait clearly didn’t say hi to the fans today because of fear. When Sam met them, he signed the shipper gold picture and we got “me too, haha me too.” and Cait probably didn’t dare to introduce the maestro😅😏😏😏😏

I think so too.  She knew those fans were there, and she knew they would have seen him walking in line behind her.  She gets defensive when she feels cornered and I can totally see her being afraid that someone might mention how nice it was that he was there with her, or congratulate her on her engagement.  

They all must have a thicker skin than the rest of us because honestly, if that was me, I’d be home hiding in my pyjamas until the narrative was over.  To hold your head up and walk down that alley with that…guy…in tow, knowing that you do not look the least bit engaged, ever, and wondering how many of these people believe I really sleep with him?  Which of them sees through it?  Are they laughing at me?  Are they disgusted?  Nope.  Couldn’t do it.  I’m torn between wanting to die for her,  admiring her for her dedication to the task, and being furious on her behalf that she is being made to live a lie.

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