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I wasn’t around for UBA in real time (small mercies), but I definitely read her name in interviews with Sam right before S3. I’d consider that part of “show promo”, w/o a project like TSWDM to push then. Surely his PR people vetted those articles too, like Cait’s are likely doing now? I realize an engagement outdoes on/off dating in a narrative, and maybe there were no direct questions to put him on the spot (Cait can’t seem to escape them), but isn’t the strategy similar, if not equivalent?


Sam did pap walks and faked appearances/trips.   He never said this is my girlfriend, he never mentioned her name.  He liked a few things, retweeted a few things and stood up for her when she was bullied as “this woman” *(although one was a TOTAL set up on Facebook).   Even in the Throw Skipper from the Train US Weekly article, his team worded it in such a way that never claimed her as his girlfriend.

That’s a helluva lot different than getting engaged to be married in a questionable manner in Australia with a sleazy tabloid writer and then feeding it word for word with pictures to People.  And then allowing questions and talking about him in the middle of answering questions in the prime promo spot.

Really anon, logic filter doesn’t even need to be on high here.

^*Female equivalent to Someone Else

mama-tumblz: sherrigamblin: Hop on it Cait. I mean, you sure do like his dick. And I get it. …



Hop on it Cait.

I mean, you sure do like his dick. And I get it. You’re friends. And engaged. And met through Outlander.

Thanks to a good person (you know who you are) for helping with the shrimp/blowfish tweets.

☺️ the internet is forever. Thank God.

What’s your favourite part of your daily routine?

going back to bed

Who is that “intellectually lazy” comment meant for?

It’s meant for anyone who thinks how CB butchered Season 4′s promo is comparable to what SH did for Season 3. Sam was a mess and no one gave him a pass on that. We tore him apart here for that behavior. Apparently it’s forgettable for Caitonlys. 

The difference between what SH did in Season 3 and what CB is doing now to Season 4 is like night and day. Sam DID NOT spend time talking about his mess. DID NOT. The Outlander promo was just that, Outlander Season 3 promo. Did we see him talking about his marijuana shirt? His outing in the park?His pap walk? Nope. We did not. None of that. 

Caitriona cannot stop talking about her engagement, her ring and the wedding that she is yet to plan. All during the promo for and about Season 4. She has not stopped talking about it. She will not stop talking about it. 

See the difference?

So, the comment is for those who see criticism of CB for parading her private life during a promo for a show in which she is a lead actress as Caithate. Try again. Do your homework. Don’t be an enabler. 

knithacker: A Super-Fun Important Knitted Stop-Motion Message…


A Super-Fun Important Knitted Stop-Motion Message from MochiMochi Land … VOTE! 🗳️

Seems to me the sudden involvement of Sam in her engagement during interviews is the same thing she did for him when she tried (and failed) to interact with the girl last year. She wants his support to show that’s he’s perfectly fine with her relationship, just like she tweeted the PFH and tweeted/RTed that girl. It’s her turn now. Let’s just pray it will also end like it did for Sam, it’s my only hope at this point.

Like I said to another anon, I’m not easily insulted or offended, and I don’t doubt that Cait is as sweet and grateful as people who’ve met her say she is.  So I see this as not so much her wanting Sams’ support (because she has it always) as PR needing to secure his involvement to further drive this sucker home.  But with every interview, every article, every missed Q&A or live tweet, or every time she walks past fans irl,  even though I still think there’s bound to be stuff bts we can’t know, Caits’ image takes a hit.  

So this morning I read the latest stupid article, came to Tumbr to see what people were saying…yup, agree pretty much…then off to Twitter to stalk a bit.  I saw that Cait had retweeted the article and started down the comments.  I saw some of you there, saying things I’m mostly nodding my head at, but the in between comments!  “Forget the haters Cait”  “We love you Cait.  Ignore those haters”  “Haters”!!

I am not a hater.  They’re talking about me and comments I might have made, but I am not a hater.  I love Cait and Sam and Outlander and every single thing about every singe episode so far.  Hell, you all know I don’t even hate the wigs! I got here at the start accidentally because I saw love, not because I was looking for a place to hate.  I was one who bought the show, bought the DVD’s as gifts, supported the charities, and voted in their stupid polls.  Except for shipping,  and watching the show, I don’t do any of those things any more.  Being called a hater by people who can’t see the love that’s right in front of their faces is hurtful.  

I got my email this morning from iTunes with my weekly download link for the new episode but I can’t even be bothered.  They’ll never get rid of me as a shipper, and I’m inclined to think after today that this was not their intent anyway, but the show holds no interest for me today and that is just the saddest thing.  I truly smh at this PR of Cait’s and hope they know what they’re doing.

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