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Keanu Reeves is a vampire.


Now, look at this:

That’s “Paul Mounet”, a french actor, who “died” in 1922.

His body never was found.

Then, look at this:

An unknown man, painted in 1530 by Parmigianino.

Compare them:

Can I add something to your previous answer re the tennis match video? I’ve watched it MANY times and there’s no kiss AT ALL. They got up and were clapping. He got closer to tell her something over the noise and she didn’t even turn around. I don’t know how people can see something that just isn’t there. For the record, I don’t believe Sam and Cait were kissing either at SDCC. The big difference is though that the journalist that took the video said that they needed their privacy in that moment.

Does it matter? 

Honestly.  Does it even matter?  It doesn’t to me.  We have a mountain of pics of Sam and Cait sitting together, heads together, Cait literally wrapped around Sam with her head on his chest.  If it was a kiss between Tony and Cait, fine.  But Dude couldn’t be pressed to SIT NEXT TO HER at the GG after they got engaged.  He fucking moved his chair back to the wall and left her to sit there by herself the entire show.

That’s a dick move.  I don’t care how shy you are.  It’s a dick move. 

I’m done talking now.  You are exactly right, Anon.  People will see things differently, that’s everyone’s right and privilege. But let’s be real.  They’re coming for me because they know what I said before is true.

There are photos and videos. Cait sitting on Tony’s lap playing her tin whistle as he looks adoringly at her and keeps tempo with his hands on her hips. Video of them kissing at the French open. At an after GG party they were photographed embraced. The photo was of someone else but Cait and Tony were in the background. Cait with Tony in Australia last December at the beach where she wears the white shirt and shorts, holding each other. You can ignore everything but there’s plenty of evidence.

1) whistle video – nothing sexy about it. NYE drunken fun. 

2) Grainy video at French open – if you say that’s a kiss (which you can’t tell because people are in the way) then you have to concede the grainy vid of Sam and Cait at the window at SDCC shared a kiss. Same shadowy interaction.

3) GG party – show me Cait wrapped around Tony like she is BTS with Sam. You can’t. 

4) Australia – holding each other?  Lmfao. Please.  I hug my girlfriends tighter.  

Don’t.  Just don’t.  You’ve got nothing and you know it.  That’s not “evidence”. You’ve got location and proximity. But you don’t have near the heat and contact that she shows with Sam.  Nor do you have Sam making pancakes in her kitchen or sleeping in her bed with her cat. 

Fuck off.  Don’t come back. 

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