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scotsmanandsassenach:It is an absolute human certainty that no…

scotsmanandsassenach:It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being. ~ John Joseph Powell

positive-memes: Poor pup

Poor pup

the-ace-of-hearts:I AM WEEPING

the-ace-of-hearts:I AM WEEPING

wehadfacesthen: Peggy Ann Garner as the young Jane Eyre …


Peggy Ann Garner as the young Jane Eyre  (Robert Stevenson, 1943)

I know you’re not really part of the fandom anymore but I have a question. Is there a secret to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not? How can we know if Sam liking one of the posts from Cait or her charity means something and him liking posts from someone else doesn’t? How do we get over the fact that Cait took away from Sam something so pure and sweet as that silly lemon and made us believe it was from someone else? Doesn’t it cheapen everything they do with/for each other?

I’m probably the wrong-assed person to ask about this since my views on fans and their relationships with celebrities go against the grain. Because, to be 100% frank, none of it is real. 

To me, celebrity is like the Matrix: long, drawn-out, confusing, entirely dependent on which pill/side you chose and by the time the answers to your many questions come around, you’ve already fucking lost interest. 

I use this analogy because to me, everything that gets put out there for the world is an illusion. What we see and believe to be real is our personal interpretation of whatever “truth” someone decides they want to tell publicly and that inherently makes what we consume not real at all. It’s a perception and the reason it’s convoluted and a hot-ass mess 99% of the time is because every person perceives it differently and the vast majority of the discourse is created and perpetuated outside of the celebrity’s intention or control.

Fans assign traits to a celebrity’s offerings that are far more virtuous than those offerings deserve: things like truth, dependability, faith, honesty, forgiveness, idealism, piety, reverence and sincerity, and then become disappointed, disillusioned and angry when their perception shifts. The perceptions – long turned into truths and absolutes – now become lies and deceits instead of staying in their original form. 

My way of thinking hasn’t changed and the fandom as a whole hasn’t changed, either. 

Because I don’t know how to internalize the fan/celebrity experience until it’s personal, I don’t know how to convince anyone that something can only be cheapened when it’s value has been inflated beyond its worth. When I was an active part of the fandom, I regularly tossed out my thoughts on unrealistically elevated expectations, fandom head canons being widely accepted as truth and the constant nuclear fallout when new possibilities/explanations came to light and how I stayed zen about all of the shit. Looking at everything through a microscope amplifies it beyond it’s true meaning – if there was a meaning at all.

MiniMusing-Timing is Everything


The ever-insightful @mama-tumblz posted something early Friday morning that caught my eye.  It seems that all of the interviews filmed on set, mostly in the March timeframe, included the “I’m fengaged, I’M fengaged, I AM FENGAGED” promo.

In the past month, and especially things filmed or recorded on Nov. 2nd when they were together in LA, they were both relaxed, cute and connected.  And no mention of the engagement, even in the longer podcast (partner is Sam IMO) with the one exception of Marie Claire which has been proven to be a critical partner in the fake SO narrative for two years including:

  • Published the quick “oh no he didn’t say that” after Sam slipped with “We are together”
  • Did a profile piece of the UBA (TWICE)

That interview was conveniently not filmed but a phone call interview that was likely “edited for agenda” perhaps triggered by Sam’s French Fries.  Just like after Sam’s slip last year, Marie Claire seems to be the go-to narrative explainer- in-chief.

The only time we really got it pushed in our face was halfway through the 100 question Q&A after a fun and successful first fifty followed by a long pause.  Something definitely happened in between 50 and 51 and whatever it was, she over-compensated in typical Cait fashion.  

Did she find out she had to “stick around” in  LA  when she was supposed to head to Europe to be with Sam?  Did someone find out the fengagement was off-limits in those Friday interview and tell her to lay it on thick?

Also in the last month we have gotten the great hide the ring game in official pictures.  Impossible to hide it otherwise as the woman talks with her hands more than my Italian grandparents.   But every photo had it in her pocket, curled around a purse at the right angle or with her yellow sweater covering it.  (I was actually going to post this last Friday but did not want to provide the blueprint for those scanning Tumblr in case she had to show up at the PCA with someone else.)  Waves to creeping interns or junior associates and if that changes-I’ll know why.  And as I have said before, I don’t count the one found in the photographer’s pictures of her holding her hand up because the look on her face and the angle of her arm said to me the photographer noticed she was hiding it too and said something like “come on, Caitriona.  Show us the rock.”

What big things happened between March and November?  Well, season 5 and 6 contracts were signed and announced in May.  Sam appears to have been cast in a Lionsgate film during that time.  Could mean nothing.  Could be a big something.

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