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Loss (Act II), Part Sixteen


On this, the day after Thanksgiving, I need to express some gratitude to @sassenachwaffles, @kkruml, and @notevenjokingfic for all that they do.


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Loss (Act II)
Part Sixteen (Jamie’s Point of View)

Claire had the most beautiful hands.  

They carried with them stories.  

Stories of battle, survival, love, and passion.  

They were learned hands –– capable of so much.

Her fingers were long and thin, nimble.  

The spaces between them were meant for my own fingers, to take up the void.  To fill the space, to learn those stories and carry some with me (for her, in her stead).  

Her fingers saved lives, gave comfort to patients, and signed the name we shared (the one that she made her own).  

She was sure with those fingers.

Agile and steady.  

In the early days of our relationship, I knew from those hands that she loved me.  Well before she said that she loved me or entertained the notion that our story could last forever (and ever), her fingers spoke all of her unsaid things.  She had allowed them to rove freely over every part of my body (and etcetera) in the early days of our relationship.  

Ye canna believe what Claire Beauchamp can do with a scalpel.  Yer wife has a golden set of hands, James,” a colleague of hers once said as I replenished her wine glass at a work party.  (Wife.  At the time she had not yet even been my fiancé. I had not corrected him.  The engagement ring lived on my credit card and in the recesses of my sock drawer.  But I sustained myself on the feeling that his assumption built in my belly.  The promise of the feeling’s exponential growth if she were to say “yes” more intoxicating than the scotch burning my throat with each sip.)  

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funny-pictures-uk:Bed time!

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Shout out to everyone that’s reading this and are actually actively applying this to their lives. Not just reblogging it and lying to themselves that they will get to this point “someday”.

Someday is TODAY.

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