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Loss (Act II), Part Seventeen


Two updates in one week? Who am I becoming?!

Debt of gratitude to the following: @notevenjokingfic (the parentheses in the first four paragraphs are the result of her being gracious with her brilliance and incredibly thoughtful when she reads my stuff); @kkruml & @sassenachwaffles(for finding my mistakes, being sweet about them, and generally having the kinds of thoughts that make me a better writer); @balfeheughlywed (for being my gut check when all I want to do is set 3500 words on fire).

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Loss (Act II)
Part Seventeen

I knew why the world’s religions had nine hundred names for God.  

(Yahweh, Elohim, Jehovah, Nkosi, Allah.  On and on, uncountable names to call in prayer –– as a plea, to build a relationship, in search of guidance.)

One small word is not enough for love.  Nor is one small word enough for heartbreak.

(A name.  A thousand names.  Alexander.  Oliver.  Euan.  Henrietta.  Julia.  Sophia.  On and on, innumerable names that Jamie and I tried in our respective accents, paired with hypothetical middle names, and pictured in neat black lettering on a birth certificate.  An infinity of combinations of our DNA possible.)

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Carl Bloch –  In a Roman Osteria, 1866 (detail), oil on canvas

I LOVE the whole painting here it is:

中國大裁員消息滿天飛 “活下去” 2018-11-29T18:26:22.000Z

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