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Woody the Fox

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「10月30日我的文章(註2)推論人工島填海和海堤高度必須達到海拔12.7米,遠超目前香港既有沿岸居民點的高度,如果填海建人工島忽視氣候變化引起的海水上升,只參照目前標準,則將來在人工島上出現威尼斯一樣的海水淹浸是科學上可預期的事。」 from Facebook via IFTTT

(1)Hi, I am a gay man and an Outlander fan. You are the first Outlander blogger who’s inbox I have felt comfortable visiting. First, I love how loving and proud you are of your Dads. Second, I love your very real discourse concerning Lord John. I have seen every episode of Outlander. I have read the books. And I have something to say. Lord John Grey is a wonderful character used for a very dirty purpose. Do you know how many times I have been in Lord John’s position? Desperately “in love” …

(2) with a straight man, who was kind enough not to brutally reject my affections, but whom I knew could never love or want me back? It was agonizing and painful every time and to see it used in Outlander as a casual plot device is deeply upsetting. In the books, it is so clearly used as a means to make Jamie and Claire more dramatic and keep people interested. It makes me sick. I want to love Lord John, but the way Diana writes him with Jamie makes me so sad. I don’t see why she couldn’t

(3) give Lord John a happy story. And don’t get me started on Willie. It’s almost like Diana was trying to insinuate that John is somehow Jamie’s baby daddy (hence the killing off of Geneva). IT’S GROSS AND I HATE IT. Being in love with an unattainable straight man is a phase that all young gays go through. That’s fine. The problem is that Diana never allows Lord John’s character to grow out of his obsession. It is not realistic to believe that someone could be in love with a

(4) person who so clearly does not want them back. Not for so long. And, I have read all of the main books and the lord john series but she just doesn’t give me any reason to believe that John should even be in love with Jamie to begin with. They just meet, John is gay and Jamie is hot and suddenly John is in love with him. It infuriates me so much sometimes I can’t stand it. I know straight women love the idea of unrequited gay love, but god fuck please spare us.

(5) Fuck these Outlander fans who think it’s sexy to fantasize about it. It’s not. It’s painful. People need to be more considerate. 

Don’t really think anything needs to be added on to. Other than… 

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I just want you guys to know that the woman of the confused lady meme is a Brazilian actress

it’s a scene from a soap opera. her character was called Nazaré Tedesco. This was one of the most iconic roles in all of Brazilian soap operas. So here goes another iconic scene (it’s Nazaré kidnapping a baby) that you guys can use to make memes:

I’m so glad this post is still going around

wtf this entire time i thought she was the tall lady from american horror story

I thought it was Julia Roberts

She’s also popular among the Brazilian LGBTQ+ community bc of a scene of her saying “lesbians. I can smell the leather from far away”


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