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Kristin Scott Thomas, photographed by Richard Phibbs for Harper’s BAZAAR UK, Dec 2018.

I’m having a very hard time with the show this season. Paramount is the lack of intimacy between J/C. Much time/dialogue was allocated to LJG/Claire while time and again they’ve interrupted and skimped on J/C vital convos. My other issue is all the missing events we’re left to imagine and/or assume (hope) have happened. E.g. Claire is visually shocked, confused, distressed by LJG’s confession about Jamie offering his body to him as payment for caring for W but she never confronts Jamie about it?

Well, I have to agree with your point about missing vital and deep conversations between Jamie and Claire. I feel like they rely a little too much on our knowledge of the books and our ability/will to read in between the lines. While I enjoyed the dynamic between LJG and Claire, and don’t see it as wasted time at all, I really really felt a need to see Jamie and Claire discussing their feelings about what happened during the visit. That’s also why the new ring/bath scene, as lovely and sexy as it was (Jamie’s wet hand constantly moving across her body gives me life), didn’t work 100% for me. I needed more dialogue between them. 

I’m a reader and a fanfiction writer. I like meaty, gritty, deep conversation. That’s my foreplay y’all. X



聯合國指「氣候大屠殺」即將來臨,但實際情況比這還要更糟 – 夜貓-TheOwl 2018-12-10T16:37:42.000Z

咦,如果明年生個仔,2040佢啱啱讀完大學?OK啦,到時兒孫便有兒孫福。 我完全唔會為細路膽心,但廿年,如果我D長輩仲在世,仲係咪可以起個海島海邊城市百年歸老? 「報告稱,如果升幅超過1.5度,數億人生命將受威脅,而按目前趨勢,我們將最早在2040年就會達致這升幅。屆時,幾乎所有珊瑚礁會死亡;全球各地都將頻繁發生野火和熱浪;旱災、洪水、溫度變化結合起來,將令世界糧食供應極度不穩。報告說,這種苦難規模之大,需要徹底改造世界經濟、農業、文化結構,才可能避免,而人類文明史上從未發生過如此快速的社會結構改革,無先例可循。《紐約時報》指[4],該報告展示了未來數十年間人類「很有可能」面臨氣候災難,Eric Holthaus在《Grist》寫道「文明正處於危機當中」[5]。」 from Facebook聯合國指「氣候大屠殺」即將來臨,但實際情況比/ via IFTTT

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