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Opinion | China is holding two Canadians as hostages. It’s not even denying it. 2018-12-18T14:26:30.000Z

“It is also worth noting that Kovrig formerly worked as a Canadian diplomat and is in fact an employee (currently on unpaid leave) of Global Affairs Canada, the department of the Canadian government in charge of diplomatic and consular relations. Does anyone think that the State Security people holding him in captivity are conscientiously limiting […]

Storm clouds loom for Asian companies unready for climate change 2018-12-18T14:13:28.000Z

>> “It is predicted that South Asia and Southeast Asia are the global areas that are going to be the most impacted by global sea level rise — by flooding and inundation impacts,” Lisa Guppy, the Asia and the Pacific Coordinator officer for disaster, conflict, and humanitarian affairs with the UN Environment Program, told the […]

What do you think about this whole Jamie-Bree conflict?

They have set it up in 407 for an over the top conflict between Jamie and Bree. I hope I am wrong (and I am happy to be proven wrong) but 407 showed us how the adaptation can be perverted so…407 did nothing for Outlander. It’s not even Outlander material. It’s not Outlander. 

Matt, Maril and Toni want us to imagine Jamie and Claire together even when they are not on screen? Just WOW. It isn’t enough to mess with the storyline but to indulge in excessive Jamie Fraser character assassination is simply mind boggling. We have seen this over and over again – Jamie doubting Claire’s return to him, blaming her for leaving him on the eve of Culloden, marrying Leoghaire and claiming that Claire told him to be kind to her (as a reason he married her in S3, and more!). It’s exhausting to think about what they are doing to Jamie and Claire. 

After a few weeks of meeting, book Jamie and Bree settled into a warm relationship They were shy but they delighted in each others company. Bree talked about Frank from time to time and while it was difficult for Jamie, he understood that Bree missed the man who raised her. He honors her memory by letting her speak of Frank when she needs to and that is a marker of an honorable man. The conflict between Jamie and Bree came about with her pregnancy. Jamie has his own ideas about sexual honor that is old-fashioned, and Bree has her own ideas about her body and sexuality (modern sensibilities), so naturally, there is a conflict. But the conflict played out in love –  a father who is trying to protect his child and a grown woman who is torn between following her heart, not knowing if Roger will show up, not knowing who the father of her child is, not wanting to disappoint (but knowing she did) Jaime and disrupt their fragile bond, etc. 

Will we see their conflict play out in love and in the context of their complicated relationship? I hope so but I have little hope of that happening because of Sophie’s interview and what the production is capable of doing as we have seen with 407. 

avasetocallmyown:“We have a lifetime for that.” – Jamie


“We have a lifetime for that.”Jamie

You know what is so great about sam and ruby rose? No drama. No one is mis-interpreting their friendship. It’s just so simple and fun.

Agree! Nothing contrived. No innuendo, no narratives…just two fun loving dorks who have a love of cats and IG stories in common, sharing their day to day. It’s a refreshing change.

suave-alpaca: “Feelings can creep up like that. I thought I was…


“Feelings can creep up like that. I thought I was in control.

In the Mood for Love (2000) dir. Wong Kar Wai

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