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The problem is not the time spent on Roger and Bree, the problem is the lack of time spent on JC, and the effort to make their relationship smaller. A good show can focus on more than one couple, why doesn’t Starz understand that? Do you think it is a lost cause…will evertything just become worse now?

My problem with Bree and Roger is they haven’t been given the proper time to make me believe in them as a couple over the last few seasons. The most we’ve seen of them together this season was totally hampered by him being a slut shaming asshole to her. I like Sophie, but I don’t think she and Rik have romantic chemistry together, so these scenes all fall flat for me.

But yeah, the lack of JC screentime is problematic for sure. And then when they are actually together, it’s for two scenes and then they’re apart the rest of the episode. I guess I had unrealistic expectations that we were going to get real time with them bonding and relearning each other and we haven’t. I guess that’s not “dramatic” enough. 😩

everythingfox: “Her little “yes” at the end 😭”Juniper


“Her little “yes” at the end



Chanting as a River – Monastic Chant from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village 2018-12-21T11:39:12.000Z

I’m grateful for this moment I can share this chanting to start the Christmas weekend. Wish you love and peace this holiday. from Facebook via IFTTT




He landed in America clutching his army duffle and the last letter he’d received. He caught a cab from the airport.  Gave the return address written on the envelope.  He took in his surroundings carefully, watched the city loom larger in front of him.  Noted as the neighbourhoods changed from poor to privileged.

They pulled up in front of a house in a rather pretty area, and he got out.  Paid the driver.  Took his bag from the trunk.  He walked up and rang the bell. Smiled at the attractive young girl who answered the door.  

His smiled dropped when she said, “No one lives here by that name.”

He asked again.  Showed her the envelope.  It had been a while between letters, but he thought it was due to him being transferred to different bases and the post not catching up with him.

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mariablanca: Actress & sea by Annie Leibovitz


Actress & sea by Annie Leibovitz

【特寫】教授、義工、劇作家 法庭旁聽席上,他們怎樣見證佔中案 | 立場報道 | 立場新聞 2018-12-21T05:10:15.000Z

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