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drunklander: I had planned to do a stand-alone post about this after I watched the episode, but I…



I had planned to do a stand-alone post about this after I watched the episode, but I just saw this tweet and I guess this is happening now. [Might update this or add to it later once I’ve seen the episode.]

Ok, a few things right from the start:

  1. It’s a rape. Call it that.
  2. The fact that they’re tweeting this and they haven’t tweeted stuff like this before the other rapes on the show means they’ve seen fan reactions to the scene. Just like they’ve probably seen fan reactions to the eleventy billion other instances of rape and sexual assault in the show. So tweeting it for this one comes off more as a mea culpa than just a content warning. “We know y’all are *really* sick of watching people get raped in this show, but at least we’re giving you a heads up this time.”
  3. I know the people who run the twitter account are completely separate from the people who make the show. But the fact that the producers did an interview before the season even started airing where they tried to justify including this rape means they too are very aware of public sentiment toward seeing yet *another* scene like this. And they chose to include it anyway, because “historical accuracy” (which is bullshit) and “the book.”
  4. This show is an adaptation. There are ways to do the story that don’t involve this rape. They shouldn’t have included it.
  5. Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Shows, movies, plays, etc., are all partly reflections of the time in which they are made, maybe even moreso than the time in which they are supposed to be portraying. Art is inherently political. The inclusion of this rape tells me that the showrunner and producers took a look at the current state of society and feelings about this kind of subject matter and thought it was a good idea to include it anyway. Which tells me that these are people who I would never truly feel safe around.
  6. Other prestige drama’s have gotten a lot of heat for doing something similar to what this episode does even before the #MeToo movement had the national spotlight. But why listen to and learn from what audiences are willing to tolerate in their media consumption? ಠ_ಠ

So now let’s get down to the actual problem: Bree’s rape was never about her. Or a ring. She was raped to set up a dilemma for Roger. Will he stay and accept the chance it’s not his kid? Or will he leave and risk that it is?

This plot line is unnecessary on every conceivable level. Rape is already overused in the story. They’ve already done multiple story lines with children being raised by people who aren’t their biological parents and/or the truth about the child’s parentage was hidden.

Unplanned pregnancy, and the decisions to be made in response to one, is a big deal on its own. Making the choice to stay in the past and raise a child is a massive decision, for both Bree and Roger. The child maybe not being Roger’s as some sort of character test is unnecessary when the “love vs. obligation” question can still be played out when it definitely is his child.

This is the part when I put on my same old broken record and maintain that Jamie’s rape at Wentworth was the only one that should have been included in the show. Jamie’s rape by Geneva could have been avoided by having him sleep with her voluntarily (honestly the way they shot it was gross given it was a rape, but would have worked well if he had been there by choice), as it’d been years since he’d slept with anyone and she’s smokin’ hot and he could sympathize with her wanting to have sex on her own terms. Willie would still be conceived. You don’t need rape to get Willie. Young Ian’s rape was completely pointless, he’d been through enough trauma to change him as a person and leave him with some PTSD with the kidnap and captivity in Jamaica. Mary and Fergus could also have been easily omitted. Jamie would have understandably snapped and challenged Black Jack to a duel at even the hint of a threat toward Fergus. The rape itself didn’t need to happen to get from point A to point B. Mary’s rape is literally just to get her out of the arranged marriage so she can be with Alex Randall. That is the dumbest possible reason to rape a child. Claire has been through more sexual assault and attempted rape than anyone else on the show yet is not given the same space as Jamie or Young Ian to process her trauma

There is absolutely no reason to include Bree’s rape.


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Kind of gives you chills .

Good Lord, how delicious! I wanna do that! The next time I’m in a cathedral, I’m doing it. 

As she stood inside an ancient and empty church in Montefrío, Spain, Malinda Kathleen Reese belted out one of the best Christmas carols of all time-“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and the end result was just heavenly.

I’m obsessed with this because A. Victorian Christmas Carols B. European Cathedrals C. It’s gorgeous and fuckin choristers are my favorite

Review: 408/Wilmington




I can’t even understand how this episode falls under the banner of Outlander. It is possibly the worse ever episode of Outlander, if Wilmington can still be called Outlander. The sexless sex scene – Roger and Bree – was purely gratuitous. I cringed at the non-existent chemistry and prolonged torturous scene. 

We get crumbs for Jamie and Claire this season; lack of affection and passion, as well as fade-to-black scenes. When we see them, they are either on the verge of dealing with another conflict, be separated, too busy with others, etcetera. When they are together, their dialogues are choppy, their connections are awkward, and their intimate scenes (two of them) are too brief and unsatisfying. But we get endless nudity and sexless sex scenes with the couple that will go down in the history of television as the most uncharismatic couple?  It’s embarrassing if it’s not so maddening that this is what we are getting now.

Claire has nothing to do but look surly and matronly, be dismissive of Jamie, and perform yet another surgery. Jamie has nothing better to do but indulge in political scheming to save his kin – Murtagh – and those he are loyal to. Outlander has no other storyline but drama, conflict, sexual violence, more drama, more conflict and more sexual violence. The essence of the show – Jamie and Claire Fraser – is lost. Enter everyone and everything else to fill the time. 

The theatre, George Washington, and the Regulators – these are scenarios that could have taken a back seat to Jamie meeting his daughter and Bree being reunited with her parents. This could easily be the episode for the Fraser family reunion. 

The rape was what it was. There is nothing to say about it. 

This episode was pointless.  Weak storyline, mediocre acting, lack of coherence and continuity, and more. I don’t even see how production can put out such as episode for the 50th anniversary. I do not see Jamie and Claire Fraser as they should be in Drums of Autumn.

This is not the Outlander that I have been devoted to. This is not the Outlander that I became Obsessable about. I do not recognize this show anymore. 

I lay the blame squarely on the writers and producers. It’s clear that they are hiring a motley crew of inexperienced writers (IMDB and LinkedIn call tell you) and those in charge fail to steer them in the right direction. They have lost the vision and the decline in quality from S1 is soul crushing to witness.

@pissedoffsoka13 Yes. Apart from no understanding of Jamie and Claire’s characters, they all seem to be cynics of love. Toni Graphia has said conflict makes good tv. Matt seems to be the only romantic in there but we are not seeing a hint of that.

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drunklander: Ok so the official NPR account has now tweeted the…


Ok so the official NPR account has now tweeted the story my local affiliate posted a few days ago, and now I’m just wondering if we’re ever going to get a follow up piece about how for every consensual scene there’s a rape or assault… Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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