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bitchycode:I got you a box

bitchycode:I got you a box

awwcutepets:Baby Raccoon

awwcutepets:Baby Raccoon

margotsrobbie:[On almost becoming a pop singer] I was 18 and I…


[On almost becoming a pop singer] I was 18 and I was just, well, you know, I was 18. I was at that stage of my life where I was like, “Who cares, yeah, maybe; that sounds cool.” Everything sounds cool other than being in school at 18. But then I got terrified and pulled out because I felt they were wanting me to be like Britney Spears and I was like, “I can’t dance, and I don’t sing like Britney Spears.” I just felt it was snowballing too fast and it wasn’t ultimately what I wanted to do.

I can’t believe Cait’s team still lets her on twitter. I get this mess is frustrating for her but ignoring this wouldn’t be hard. The fan she blocked is loyal/supportive. Donates to charities. Buys her shirts. The hurt she feels from this must be deeper than the annoyance Cait felt by her tweet. Do you think it was staged? Play up narrative on holiday? Her..what some would call cruelness, before was arguably needed for this push. This seems pretty heartless. Blocking someone wishing you a MC.

I don’t follow enough people to know who Cait blocked. I do know when I saw JGS tweet, I thought it was a playing with fans or a friendly deflection.

Many fans said Merry Christmas to Sam and Cait off his tweet and he liked them. He also liked a tweet that said he was jesting with fans.

I don’t know why Cait is even paying attention to any of this on Christmas. I think some things are triggers for her and she over compensates. It’s just so easily avoidable on her part.

kengriffey-jr: sweet-bitsy: (◑ ᴥ ◑  ) Shy boy




◑  )

Shy boy

handypolymath: andthwip: Brie Larson on the impact of Captain…

Brie Larson on the impact of Captain Marvel.

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