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I don’t necessarily agree that if S/C were using their chemistry to sell a show they were gas lighting fans. Using the actors & main couple to sell a show has been done for decades- before there was social media or even celeb magazines. S/C would not be the first or last. It was done as the age old marketing tool to sell a movie or show. As soon as they saw there was line crossing from fans = IFH. I don’t think it’s fair to only blame S/C. Fans refuse to accept their part in all this too.

I think it was all sincere, that they were just so naive in the beginning, but from tptb perspective yes, they could have seen what they had and been using it to their advantage. Not a new tactic. There will always be a few out of line fans just by the numbers and the nature of it all, and yes, up until January 2016 there were lines crossed, absolutely. And if Sam and Cait’s behaviour had changed then, I would agree with you. But it’s three years later and the only things that have changed are that they have tried to tone down their public displays without much success and added in random Someone Elses who obviously never passed a chemistry test. It’s a catch 22…for sure it would be easier for them to pull this off if fans didn’t react the way they do and easier for fans to react ‘appropriately‘ if we knew what we were reacting to. I think it’s kind of hilarious really, that the louder she says ‘I’m engaged’ over and over the harder we laugh, but I’m sure it must be infuriating. But if you’re going to lie, then the less you say the better. So suck it up, scroll and ignore.

jemscorner: A ring and a kissI don’t need a ring to know how…


A ring and a kiss

I don’t need a ring to know how much you love me.

Outlander parallels [S1 / S2 / S3 / S4]






“And ye didna find anything?”  

Chief Inspector James Fraser leaned back in his chair.  Surveyed the two young officers in front of him.

“No, Sir.”

Jamie tapped the fingers of his right hand against his thigh.  “Go back.  Take Angus Mohr with ye.  He’ll show ye how to toss a place until ye find what ye need.”  He dismissed them with a wave of his hand.  As they left Jamie looked through the window of his office.  

His own station.  

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What a joke, I’m LOL. You do know that Purv and Melly group are notorious for going around and doing a screencap then sending threats of Defamation of Character lawsuits. They have sent them to Jess, Lauren, Eternity, etc. It’s them because she always talks about it and threatens people who send things to her blog.

LOL I remember hearing about threats of libel being sent to bloggers. This defamation of character thing is new to me. 

I hope they liked my update.

Re: Jamie offers his body to LJG for the sake of his son. I saw this discussion and your comment. “Interesting discussion. “Jamie sees his body as a bargaining chip”. It’s quite clear when the list is laid in front of you like this.” However, it’s a moot point. I clearly remember in a later book, when Claire asks Jamie what he would have done if LJG had taken his offer, Jamie says he would have killed him. That he would’ve never allow a man who’d accept such an offer raise his son. 1/2

2/2 – The show should’ve or still should include this conversation between J/C. I doubt it’ll be addressed (like so many other missed/important convos) but this one seems critical. Claire was visibly distressed when LJG threw that in her face. I take Jamie at his word that he wouldn’t have gone through with it but I keep seeing the topic discussed. May I get your opinion? Thank you

I haven’t read past Drums of Autumn, so my comment came with limited knowledge of the whole story.  

So, later on Diana writes Jamie as saying he would kill LJG if he had accepted Jamie’s offer?  Because that would mean he wasn’t fit to raise Willie? 

Interesting… I didn’t know this.  Honestly, it seemed very out of character to me that Jamie would offer his body in the first place because of his sexaul assault.  He does use his body as a bargaining chip…in terms of sparing others he loves, or he feels are weaker, like Jenny, Laoghaire, Claire.  He literally agrees to being whipped rather than agree to give his body to BJR for sex.  So offering himself to LJG so easily wasn’t true to who Jamie is, in my opinion.  And at that point in the story LJG and Jamie had a friendship based on respect…why would he be so cruel to LJG to offer himself in the first place?  I think this has more to do with DG’s wild writing style and inconsistencies than anything else. 

As for including the conversation…I see your point.  The news is out there, it should be addressed.  I honestly don’t know how they would do it and make Jamie look honourable.  They’ve already undermined Jamie’s character this season, and in my opinion, this would only make it worse.  I think Claire was distressed because once again, she was reminded of those 20 years apart, and all that they had lost.  It’s just one more thing that she doesn’t know about him, that he never shared, and she was caught off guard.  Much like when she shares stuff about Frank, Jamie seems to stiffen up like he doesn’t want to hear it, but he still wants to know.  

I agree with you in that even if Jamie said he would kill LJG, I don’t think he would go through with it, which makes Diana writing it even more ridiculous.  It’s out of character for him.  

Thanks for asking, Anon!

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