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Nope, nothing interesting in the podcasts. Toni is besotted with her bird analogies and thats’s basically it. One thing they mentioned was that they considered cutting the scene where Jamie and Bree come back from the bee hunt with Claire saying she will put on the kettle. Another thing which I noticed too was that Sophie and Sam improvised “Good Job” in the honey eating scene. It was too be a silent scene and they were allowed to improvise, yet “good job” isn’t period appropriate.

I don’t get the bird analogie honestly. I mean I think it reminded Jamie when Claire was in her own time but now why? we didn’t even have one single rabbit and it was bree thing..They could have cut that scene imo. In the “inside the episode” video we can see another scene with bree and Jamie. I think it was after he’s beaten Roger because you can see he has his hand hurt. I would have liked to see how he was acting after that.. but they cut it.

Loss (Acts I & II, Ficlets): a 2018 masterpost



In 2018, I decided to start writing again for pleasure.  It started with an airplane ride from Europe back home to the United States. My new-to-the-fandom self tentatively dipped a toe in and then quickly dove in head first.  Loss was intended to be a four-part story about loss, life, and love. It slowly ballooned.  In Act I, Claire and Jamie already had an established relationship.  The eleven parts explore what it means to heal yourself and allow someone else to hold you up when you feel that your head is slipping below water.  Partway through the story, folks started to ask about how that established version of Claire and Jamie in Act I met, how they decided to move in together, what they did for a first date, and what led them down the path to their first fight.  Sitting at my kitchen table, ideas for their back story just started to fall out of me. Since then, I have written (roughly) 166,968 words about Loss Jamie and Claire. That number is just ridiculous to me, but their history is so fully fleshed out in my head at this point that I wouldn’t be surprised if I could triple that number when all is said and done. Lots of people deserve a lot of love for their dedication to seeing the way that this pair’s love has evolved, strengthened, and changed over the dozens of ficlets and two multi-part stories.  More than can be listed here, and I am grateful to every single one of them. I love these two characters in canon and I love them in this universe, and I cannot wait to see what 2019 brings for them. xx. K.

Chronological Listing of Loss Ficlets and Multi-Part Stories

April 2016 [one ficlet – the meet cute(s)]: Three Times Jamie Fraser Did Not Get Claire Beauchamp’s Number, And The One Time He Did

May 2016 [three ficlets – the sex talk, snooping, a kind of a first date]: BarrierBookcasesNot the First Date

June 2016 [three ficlets – all about some certain words]: More, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

July 2016 [four ficlets – Jamie’s scars, Jamie’s worst day, pictures in the sky, an escape in the woods]: Afghanistan, Blade of Grass, Clouds, Treehouse

September 2016 [one ficlet – a holiday weekend]: Glasgow

October 2016 [one ficlet – the decision to move in together]: 2:00 A.M.

December 2016 [two ficlets – the first fight, the first Christmas]: Moving Day, The First Nöel

February 2017 [one ficlet – a missing O]: Finish  

May 2017 [one ficlet – happy birthday Mr. Fraser]: May 1, 2017

June 2017 [one ficlet – a very bad week]: Words

July 2017 [one ficlet – PTSD]: Bastille Day

August 2017 [one ficlet – business trip strain]: Spain

October 2017 [two ficlets – happy birthday Ms. Beauchamp and manflu]: October 20, 2017, Sick Day

November 2017 [one multi-part standalone fic – Claire loses her first patient; where this universe started): Loss: Act I (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven)

March 2018 [one ficlet – bringing home a dog]: Canis familiaris

April 2018 [one ficlet & one 5-part (in progress) ficlet series –– buying a house and then breaking it in]: Shed; Five Ways Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp Break In Their New Home (Part 1.0 (Stairs), Part 2.0 (Washing Machine), Part 3.0 (Windowsill))

May 2018 [one ficlet – the tradition before a wedding]: Handfasting

June 2018 [one ficlet – the wedding]: & forever

October 2018 [one two-part ficlet – happy birthday Ms. Beauchamp-Fraser]:  October 20, 2018 (Part One, Part Two)

November 2018 [one multi-part standalone fic – no one is ready to say goodbye; in progress): Loss: Act II (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen, Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen, Part Twenty)



sparklejamesysparkle:From The Judy Garland Show, originally…

sparklejamesysparkle:From The Judy Garland Show, originally aired by CBS on
January 12th, 1964.

mezzosexual:Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

mezzosexual:Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

wehadfacesthen: Sophie Litvak and Gigi Terwalgne in evening…


Sophie Litvak and Gigi Terwalgne in evening gowns, Paris, 1952, photo by Georges Dambier for ELLE

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