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“Daddy knew.”


Two words that mean so much – and undoubtedly bring Brianna’s world crashing down.

Not because of the fact that Frank had never told her he wasn’t her real father – she had already hashed that out with Claire.

No – it’s the fact that Frank searched for Jamie, without telling Claire. That Frank knew Jamie was alive, letting Claire continue to think he had died at Culloden.

That he had let her continue to live in pain, to live a lie.

Which is why Claire reacts the way that she does. She is stunned – and undoubtedly feels betrayed, yet again. For Frank made her promise to stop living in the past – to no longer look back on the time she had shared with Jamie. Though clearly he didn’t live up to the standard he had set for her.

I really like how the show used the obituary as the means of showing that Frank knew Jamie had lived (rather than the really awkward fake gravestone in Dragonfly in Amber) – and compounds the effect by it being Brianna who makes the discovery that Frank knew, rather than Claire.

So in light of this very astute reflection, how is it that we are supposed to sympathize with Frank as per productions’ notes?  

Not trying to start a “bash Frank” thread, but I fail to see how I’m supposed to feel sorry for a man who (in book and show) is incredibly selfish.  Where are his redeeming qualities other than he accepted to raise Brianna as his own? Which, according to the book, he only agreed to after finding out he was sterile.  

Unification Is the Goal and Force Is an Option, Xi Jinping Says of Taiwan 2019-01-02T13:00:41.000Z

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A young polar bear cub filmed over the first 83 days of her life

video via Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

I don’t know about you, but I needed this purity in my life and on my timeline.

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wheres that gif of a dude playing golf but he lands it like a fire emblem crit animation



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