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Long rant triggered by Outlander S0410 “The Deep Heart’s Core”


I am so triggered. Forgive me for the long rant. Please scroll past if you have no energy for this. I 100% understand! 

On Sam

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch this episode “The Deep Heart’s Core” but please watch the first ten minutes. Do it for Sam. It’s a difficult scene that can go very wrong but he has delivered every line, every expression and every movement with flair and precision. How did he do it? I have nothing but admiration for the actor that is Sam Heughan, and am truly thankful to him for how he has embodied Jamie Fraser for four seasons.

Sam has done such great work throughout but especially this season, so I feel it’s unfair to him that it has to be remembered together with the worst writing and creative choices. Since I need to believe in silver lining, I’m choosing to see that he shines even brighter when everything else is pale, lacklustre or worse.    

Now… the rant

To say #outlander this season is a disappointment is an understatement. I’m writing this not just in anger but also in utter heartbrokenness. Words fail to describe how it feels to witness this show with a stellar first season galloping into darkness. It crushes my soul like a Greek tragedy. 

Alas. I thought we hit bottom several times already this season, but we keep getting new lows. The latest episode, “The Deep Heart’s Core”, is the culmination of everything that is wrong with this season’s writing. It is so embarrassingly soap operatic that even growing up with Asian TV hasn’t prepared me adequately for this.

Imposter Claire

Why did you come back to Jamie, Claire?

Claire gives me the biggest heartache. Because she has died somewhere while travelling through North Carolina and the person who looks like her now is an imposter. She has no idea why she came back for Jamie. Bree is all she sees and she has more compassion for most everyone except her husband. At times she seems to resent his very presence. Her love for him is non-existent, and in this episode, her ability to reason is gone as well. How can she blame Jamie for doing what he did, when it was Lizzie who fed him the wrong information and she herself hid the identity of Bree’s rapist from him? I could not believe my eyes seeing the daggers she shot at Jamie, and her face that was pure hatred during the big fight.

There was a chill in me watching this whole scene because I was confronted with this complete stranger. As much as I want to, I can’t blame DG. The fight is in the book but the dynamics are totally different. DG never wrote imposter Claire.

She even blames Jamie for lying that he hit a tree. As a woman, I consider it an affront to see an intelligent woman written this way. You call yourself a feminist show but it’s exactly representation of women as villains given to hysterics like this that makes true equality still a distant dream.

The brat and “her father”

Bree. What a brat and Frank’s girl, truly. I can see imposter Claire in her too. Her hatred for her birth father is palpable. It almost feels like she has been waiting for the moment to pounce. I watched with disbelief her slapping Jamie and Ian, while Claire stands idly by, and I cannot for the life of me understand how Jamie and Ian deserve this treatment. 

I saw people cheering her on on twitter. What world is this? And sorry Sophie, if she tried to show any nuance of emotion, or the slightest remorse after a moment of madness, I did not see it. I think what I see is all that’s meant to be.

And why did she keep calling Frank “my father” when talking to Jamie? She calls him “daddy” when talking to Claire and in the books to Jamie as well. Making this deliberate distinction feels like a provocation every time.

All this kerfuffle is a waste of time because they should’ve all stayed in the 20th century. Perhaps now that Roger has found a new set of stones nearby, imposter Claire, Bree and Roger can try to find a way to go back before Frank’s accident to save him so that they could be one happy bratty family again. Frank can have his own Wanderlander episode in S5. Long overdue. Jamie who?

Heart and soul, where are you?

I’m tired of someone traipsing through wilderness as a character building exercise. But in the grand scheme of things, when my beloved characters are butchered beyond recognition, the heart and soul of the Jamie and Claire love story sucked out along with all sense and sensibility, a complaint about wandering feels trivial.

My Deep Heart’s Core. What’s the scene that Toni Graphia couldn’t wait to inform us in the after talk that she cut that was the title of the episode? Anyone dares to bet against that it’s a tender moment between Jamie and Claire?

In this show, all the 20th century characters are brats. Even Jocasta, the slave owner, has more kindness and sense in her. The Jamie and Claire love story is thoroughly, gleefully and unrelentingly butchered by incompetent, cynical writing that puts conflict above characterisation and common sense. There is nothing sadder.

For four seasons the writers seem to be enjoying a win-win situation because when they do away with beloved scenes in the books, they say they’re doing an adaption, but when they keep the problematic parts and amp up the melodrama, they say they’re from the book. While they want the audience to enjoy the show on its own merit, they rely on book readers to fill themselves in whenever they fall short. Cosy. For them.

So that’s the #outlander we have now. Time to rebrand it Franklander and Frasers’ Rift so no one can accuse you of false advertising any more so you and those who have nothing but flattery for you can be left in peace.

all-things-sandra-oh:Sandra Oh has greatly admired @ViolaDavis…


Sandra Oh has greatly admired @ViolaDavis through the years: “The times when there are not broad opportunities for actors of color… I looked to Viola and thought, ‘I just want to be as good as she is in a scene. If Viola can do it, I can do it.’”

asleepinawell: random root gifs 14/ ∞


random root gifs 14/ ∞

Do you know how long he’s been going to these events with her? I know they have been dating like 2 to 18 years….. If he is really her PA, will he have to go after this stint is over then?!?!?!!

One would think a man his age would find a better occupation since we’re supposed to believe he knows finance, composing, music management, hospitality management, etc. albeit not very successfully.  Unless he is serving as more than her PA and manages part of her non-Hollywood career.    One would also think he’s back on his feet financially by now but who knows.

Right now, she can trust him with all the private stuff that she wants to keep private. 

pattmich: thebrochtuarachs: We know a couple when we see one 👀❤️ Me too! In person! 😉😍😍



We know a couple when we see one 👀❤️

Me too! In person! 😉😍😍

Just saw a pic of Cait and T together. Why can’t she sell it better if she is trying to have us believe it? She can hardly crack a smile? She shines when she is with Sam. I don’t understand.

You mean the one where she looks like she’s ready to exit stage right and her body is pretty much turned away from him?  I had to also do a double-check to see if he changed clothes from last night.

 Getty only lists their names, no relationship. 

I would have captioned it: Caitriona Balfe and third cousin.

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