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I get Maestro not wanting to be in the spotlight. But, to have it look like he doesn’t even respect you or your career? To not stand by your side and support you? The appearance of it is that he is so indifferent about what she does. It’s sad.

It is sad, and this is the part of it that bothers me the most.  I guess choosing a trusted friend, one who’s already been seen with her and wondered about by the fans, seemed like a good idea, maybe still does from the perspective of whoever is running the show.  If all he had to do was be seen in a few pictures, which he is anyway, while the narrative ran in the background, then this might have worked.  But since last year the story has been rammed down our throats ending with the bam! bam! jackhammer approach during season 4 promo and the whole circus has come out of the background and into the spotlight.

From my first Google search in 2013 I was intrigued by Cait and all that she has accomplished.  She came out the other end of a cutthroat business with both feet on the ground and during her years there she acted as a mentor to the younger girls and an advocate for women in the industry.  She came late to acting and overcame the odds to get where she is today.  She stands for the same things I do and I would hold her up as a role model to any young woman.  I see her with Sam and I see a true power couple, madly in love and using their influence and their position to do good in the world without losing themselves in the process.  I believe that’s the truth and that’s what I want everyone to see.  She deserves that.

But what are new fans seeing?  Fans who Google her name for the first time and then dig a little deeper.  They see that she is committed to a man who looks bored in her presence, doesn’t look at her at all, never mind with any hint of affection or God forbid, respect.  They see her trotting to catch up to him or sitting essentially alone while her category is read on the biggest night of her life. They see him on his phone or walking away from her without a backwards glance.  That looks for all the world like she has settled for a man who is emotionally distant at best and emotionally abusive at worst.  And yeah.  That is sad.


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