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Drunj!Der Yells About Outlander


Thoughts on Ep. 412

Only one more week until Droughtlander, y’all! To start with the positive, I fucking love the Murgsali parts of this episode. Seriously, I know I sound like a broken record but saving Murtagh was literally the best choice this show has made. I would watch the shit out of a spin-off of just that trio’s adventures. Germain can come too.

I still can’t muster a single fuck, flying- or otherwise, to give about Roger. So basically this episode was like basically every other episode. I loved some shit, hated some shit, and overall came away with the lingering question of why I still spend so much time on a show that’s barely recognizable as the one I used to fucking love.

At least Dry January is still going strong. Quite proud of myself about that, tbh…

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pissedoffsoka13: “There was a powerful urgency in him that roused me to response despite his…


“There was a powerful urgency in him that roused me to response despite his awkwardness…As yet too hungry and too clumsy for tenderness, still he made love with a sort of unflagging joy that made me think that male virginity might be a highly underrated commodity.”

~ Claire Fraser


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Don’t you think Sophie’s acting has improved?

No. I stand by my opinion since S3 that she cannot act and casting her in the role of Brianna Fraser was the worse mistake this production has made. She read for Brianna’s role a year before they called her back. What did they do in that one year? Not bother to find another actress who can actually do the job?

I don’t get why people think it’s necessary to say that she’s a sweetheart when commenting on her lack of acting skills. Does anyone get a pat on the when they are not qualified to do the job they are paid to do? She could be a sweetheart but what the hell does that have to do with how bad she does Brianna Fraser? Her accent, monotone delivery and one or two facial expressions give me nightmares. Call it what it is. There is no need to sugarcoat it.

Now we know why Sam and Cait we’re both skirting around questions about Jamie and Claire’s passion.

They often used the term “settled.” I guess that’s the code word for Claire looking like she prefers to either mother or patronize Jamie. Every so often she looks like she wants to smack him with a stick for making her come back to live without modern conveniences – a toilet that flushes, electricity, running water, grocery store, chocolate, burgers, tampons, porn…

However, what pisses me off the most is how fans were reeled in with Claire and Jamie centered promo and promo pics, giving us just enough Sam and Caitriona interviews together to make us salivate. In reality, the push was always for Broger, which in retrospect makes sense since Sam and Cait did separate promos and more. I should have known then that something was up. STARZ knew that they would alienate hardcore Outlander/Jamie and Claire fans if they pushed Broger from the get go. They were all in on it. They knew what Season 4 was all about.

Who can I sue for false advertising?

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anonymous asked: I was rereading Modern Glasgow this weekend and I was wondering if any of the Fraser bairns play a sport? Can we have a one shot of Jamie and Claire at a game being super fans of their child athlete? Thanks Gotham-Ruaidh!

Modern Glasgow AU

“Go Bree go!!”

Jamie lay a gentle hand on six-year-old William’s wee
knees, holding his lower legs in place. “Dinna kick me, *a bhailach*, aye?”

William huffed a bit, but didn’t tear his eyes from the
sight of his seven-year-old sister, bright red ponytail streaming from under
her helmet as she chased the loose ball.

Claire grimaced at Jamie’s side, watching the girls crash
into each other as they all dove with their sticks.

“I didn’t realize shinty would be so – so violent,” she remarked.
“Faith, darling – you brought my first aid kit from the car, right?”

“Aye,” eight-year-old Faith nodded, taking a sip from her
water bottle and handing it back to sixteen-year-old Fergus. “It’s in my bag,
along wi’ a towel and snacks for Bree. She told me that she gets verra hungry
when playing a game.”

“There’s a lot of running wi’ shinty – certainly helps
work up an appetite.” Jamie shifted William a bit, keeping him steady. “I remember
when I was a wee lad, playing wi’ the tenant’s children at Lallybroch – my Mam
and Missus Crook would always make a big proper dinner after our games.”

“Maman – look!” Fergus exclaimed, pointing wildly at the
field. They all squinted at the tangle of seven-year-olds, before one – clearly
Bree – broke free from the pack, pushing the ball down the field toward the
goal, running with all her might, a girl on the opposite team hot on her heels.

“Go, Bree!” Claire shouted. “Go! Go!”

It all happened so quickly – one second Bree was just
meters away from the goal, the next she was sprawled flat on the grass, stick
flying through the air, with the other girl running the ball back across the

“Oi!” Jamie screamed. “That’s no’ fair! She was tripped!”

“Aye!” one of the parents beside Jamie chimed in. “I saw
it wi’ my own eyes! That girl canna play dirty!”

Claire’s heart stopped as she watched Brianna on the
ground, not moving.

Although the game had made its way to the other side of
the field, the referee blew his whistle to halt play, and quickly ran back to

“Mama?” Faith’s hand gently touched her elbow. “Mama –
here is the bag.”

Gratefully Claire took it, mind going into her finest Doctor
mode, already running through the list of possibilities in her head, calculating
how long it would take an ambulance to arrive –

Then Jamie rested a warm, reassuring hand on her
shoulder. “Claire – look.”

And her heart somehow began to beat again, for slowly
Bree pushed herself upright, adjusted her helmet, and searched the field for
her stick. Soft applause echoed along the sideline, and she waved at her family
– silently letting them know she was all right.

And all five Frasers knew she was – for as soon as she
trotted to the other side of the field, and the referee blew his whistle once
more to signal that the game could resume, Brianna used her stick to hit the
girl who had knocked her down, straight in the knees.

Years later when Faith told the story at Brianna’s hen
party, she told how William had scrambled to the ground and run across the
field to defend her – that Fergus had taken off right after him – that Mama had
groaned – and that Da had cheered and laughed. With the punchline being that
Brianna would do whatever it took to defend herself – and that Roger had better
watch his ballocks.

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I live for MG updates! One of the first Outlander fanfics I ever read!


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