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Thoughts on S04.E13 – Man of Worth


Y’all…! This production needs not only Jesus, but Mary, Joseph, the cow, the donkey, the three kings, the 12 apostles, God himself and probably a couple of helpful demons. Let them be spoilers.

– Young Ian is adorable, a true MVP of this episode (along with Jamie/Sam) and the ultimate proof that you can build secondary characters that people will care for and like to see on screen. His scene of saying goodbye to his auntie and uncle and the ritual were incredible. Looking forward to see what JHB will do next season, portraying a very changed Ian. 

– I actually liked the first half of the episode – good action sequences, okay pacing, just enough emotional moments. My eyebrows started to lose the battle against my hairline when Roger, once again, failed to hold himself accountable for the things that happened to him and Bree. Sam Heughan SLAYED the scene where they tell Roger everything – his rage is our rage, and I chanted “YAAAAAAS” pretty much along everything he said. You might be out of the Hut, but you are still an Idiot, Roger Mackenzie. 

– I think I’d have survived without the birth scene, IF they had given Jamie and Bree/Jamie and Jem a few moments to actually talk, heal and bond. They arrive, once again Claire has a few moments alone with Bree (and rightfully so), while Jamie lurks like a stranger danger near a kindergarten. There is no closure to the rift with a daughter he loves enough to sacrifice body, soul and heart for. Does he even know she has forgiven him??? He doesn’t get to hold the promise of his blood. This right here is one of the most abhorrent decisions ever made by this show. There is no excuse, none.

– I’ll put Jamie and Bree’s relationship at the top of things lost this season, alongside Jamie and Claire. You can’t tell a story about “an extended family” when you decide to skip the notion of family altogether. 

– The fandom is Claire’s face when she realizes Murts has been shagging the Scottish version of a praying mantis – which surprised, literally, just the characters on screen. 

– Bree goes all Birdbox on Jem, calling him “baby/boy” for 2 months. That’s cool, I sometimes wish my parents had done the same, instead of what they went with.

– There is running across the lawn (unfortunately, no tripping this time around for Bree), there is passionate (?) kissing without a hint of how badly Roger must have smelt, there is redemption the characters haven’t earned and ALL IS WELL, folks. I almost expected a rising sun on that shot and will confess my disappointment. 

– This is the worst cliffhanger ever to be placed on a final episode of Outlander.

– I feel like this season failed pretty much every character. It started with Down The Rabbit Hole (even if there were a few problems before) and it never recovered. There was a way to tell the exact same story, to embrace Bree and Roger and all the other characters, while protecting the integrity and organic-feel of these relationships. It’s with a heavy heart that I say that I probably wouldn’t be watching anymore, if this product didn’t have the stamp of “Outlander”. 

There is time and a path to save season 5 and everything else going forward, but it will/would involve deep changes in writing, directing and editing. 

Let it be so.

Genuine question. I’m confused whether Bree forgave the rapist sooner than her own father. Did I miss anything?

A fan asked for a more JC centred S5. To which Maril said:


“We can’t always accommodate everyone but we hear everyone. Appreciate the respectful comment! :)”

On the heels of this reply, came her straight answer in a Hollywood Reporter interview, which incidentally detailed all the plot points and spoilers in the finale just before the episode aired.

“According to Davis, a large part of season five’s focus is on the Bree/Roger relationship. “Brianna and Roger really haven’t, as a married couple, been in the same place at the same time,” she says. “And actually even as a dating couple, they haven’t been in the same place at the same time. And now they have a child together! The only important thing we needed to do at the end of that story for this season is have Roger accept the child as his own, whether or not that child is a blood child of his or not. That was very important because there’s still a lot of open-ended questions.“

No mention of Jamie and Claire except a brief mention of Jamie’s militia. I don’t understand the logic of this whole thing so I can only assume that maybe their S4 numbers are really strong and Broger are pulling in all the views that they’ve decided to finally get rid of the pesky book fans, and Jamie & Claire lovers. 

If that’s true, I dare them to have the guts to kill Jamie and Claire off in a fire in the opening episode of S5, and rename Fraser’s Ridge “Randall’s Ridge” cos Jem will be christened Frank Randall jr who’s gonna inherit the ridge.

You know what non-book readers and neutral fans in China said about this season?On
one of the biggest streaming platforms (for obvious reasons the
Mainlanders do not have official access to most western media), below
are the top comments :

“Congratulations this season has successfully turned itself into an utter crap.”“Everything
from their make-up, costumes, the set and props are professionally
done, actors are pretty, but the plot is soap opera and illogical which
fail to be relatable to audience. At times I feel bad because I can’t
feel sympathetic at all to these characters.”“What is the point of this season except seeing [Sophie’s] nudity? Haha, they keep developing f**king dumb plots.”“The
writers have maliciously written the female lead [Claire] as dumb as
possible this season for the sole purpose of stunt value and serving
unnecessary soap opera.  I have only watched two episodes but I can’t
help my rant.”“Anyone who dislikes Bree? I am the first to raise my hand.  Is Roger a real man to leave her alone?”“I dislike Broger. Why they even bothered travelling back in time at all?  Bug off back to the future!!!|”I keep fast forwarding the whole episode after Bree’s reunion with her parents.”“I almost give up this show.”

background information, S4 has more than 3.1 million views on this
platform. Is it a lot? No. Sex Education has almost 13 million views and
Killing Eve 31 millions. This figures mean there are more Chinese
audience than you have thought. These audience watch a lot of American
or British series. In the case of Outlander, they are likely non-book
readers and have no loyalty for the story in the books, the production,
the leads, the author and etc. They watch to enjoy the show, they don’t
care whether the plots are in the books or not.  They are not But they call out the
show like many of us do on Tumblr.

don’t even criticise heavily about the lacking of Jamie and Claire.
Among some 3000 comments, they commented the unrelatable
characterisation of the “new leads”, the inconsistent characterisation
of the “former leads”, the soap-opera like plots, unnecessary
melodrama.  With or without JC, this season is boring and dragging and
underwhelming in the eyes of the neutral fans on the other side of the earth.

If Maril et al can’t handle the truth, as my friend @owlnguava said, I dare them to continue to diminish JC/SC. But please have the decency of not using them to plug their new favorites. Let Broger/SR shoulder their own show.


from Facebook via IFTTT

I’ve honestly never cringed so hard at some of the lines in an outlander episode it was actually surprising. It honestly just felt like a shitty day time soap I’m scarred for life lmaoo

The part where Roger punches Jamie and Ian is running through the gauntlet or whatever the fuck it was in order to become part of the Mohawk was EMBARRASSING. I was literally cringing with secondhand embarrassment.

First of all, Roger is going to whine and cry about being sold into slavery and beaten to a man who was imprisoned, flogged, nearly hanged, raped and tortured, forced to live in a cave for three years, imprisoned again, forced into servitude, who lost his first child and never got to see her, and was forced to send his wife and second child away through the stones and lived without them for TWENTY years??

Fuck Roger. He’s trash. He blamed Bree for why he left. Be a fucking man, you left because you’re an asshole and have treated her like shit for the duration of your relationship. The only satisfying part of his scenes was that JAMIE FUCKING KNOWS. HE KNOWS ROGER IS A WEAK COWARD AND TRASH. The look of disgust on his face when Roger was talking was everything.

This finale was a flop. TERRIBLE television and I am so glad the show is getting dragged on twitter because it’s what they deserve. Fuck them.

pissedoffsoka13: Jamie finally realizing the reason his daughter would settle for a coward — the…



Jamie finally realizing the reason his daughter would settle for a coward — the legacy Frank’s parenting.

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reblog if you watch(ed) Outlander for Jamie and Claire
Passed tense. It became that I just watched Jamie/Sam this season. I will treasure my earlier seasons.

I did. It was their story, once.

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