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How much time Jamie and Claire have spent together, just the two of them?

JC screen time = Scenes with only JC without any other characters interactions
S1 = 16 episodes S2/S3/S4 = 13 episodes / S3 = JC separated during the first 5 episodes

tildren:What do you hope people can learn from Eve?

tildren:What do you hope people can learn from Eve?

I mean, what else is Cait going to say? Point fingers at the writers? She can’t do that. Do you think Cait got more interviews, because Sam was still busy with Red Notice when they prob did a lot of these. It always feels like she does 3 interviews for his 1.

She definitely had more free time this off season, given his movie commitments. And I thought she did a good job getting her point across without throwing the writers completely under the bus.

Outlander 04×13 Man of Worth


And season 4 as a whole feelings I guess.

Well, it was a finale… and I watched it. Not entirely surprised it went down the way it did but that doesn’t lessen my disappointment with the changes, structure, and really approach to the entire second half of the season. I don’t feel that the show is forever ruined or anything like that. I know the powers that be are not out to ruin anything about the characters or the relationships. They just made a number of adaptive choices I strongly disagree with and that bring me little personal enjoyment. Maybe at some point I’ll be able to go back through this half of the season and write up better analyses of these last few episodes when the disappointment is less raw—analyze what’s actually there instead of lamenting what might have been (and, in my opinion, should have been). 

But for now, it is what it is, and what I am feeling is let down. I’m still optimistic for Season 5 and looking forward to how they choose to adapt it, but I’m also less enthusiastic and invested than I was even five episodes ago and SO much less so than I was back after 4×06 when this was on track to being my favorite season since Season 1 (boy did that sentiment hit a brick wall). Every season has episodes I enjoy more than others and plots I enjoy more than others, the ones I enjoy less just don’t usually come all in a row or right at the end of the season so it’s a difficult note on which to begin Droughtlander. 

But that’s what rewatches are for (and after this, I’m gonna go rewatch 4×06 cause it’s definitely my favorite for this season). 

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Agree on every point and particularly on Ian and JC’s parting. Their relationship was solid and dated back to when Ian was born in S2. The problem with Broger was the show was so eager to push them front and centre on stage without preparing the roles and storylines. To me they should have taken this season in supporting roles instead of co-leading roles for fans to warm up to their relationship. To get to know more about these characters. To interweave their storyline seamlessly with JC’s life on the Ridge. A lot of traumas, actions and plots of Broger can be streamlined or worked around to allow for exploration of the concept of family and marriage on the Ridge. Broger is boring to some fans but some actually enjoy this storyline. The show had the chance to make it a win win situation by fine tuning their characterisation and storylines. These characters are not ready for this spotlight this season. Sophie is not ready for this responsibility. Her chemistry with RR is zero but who knows given time it could be nurtured. But they didn’t have the time. Now I think they missed, if not ruined, the chance to properly introduce their storylines to JC’s world and I don’t believe it’s redeemable in future seasons.

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