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Cait in Marie Claire when asked why J and C weren’t at Jem’s birth: “That’s sort of a question for the writers. I’m not fully sure why they made that decision, but I’m sure they… You know, it’s very tough to try and fill up all of the different threads, and to have everything come together. [blah blah books are dense … blah blah]. Yes. I don’t know any more than that.” 😬😬

They all stress me out 

‘Outlander’ Season 4 Finale: Keeping Promises

‘Outlander’ Season 4 Finale: Keeping Promises:



So many excellent points in this review.  And right near the top … 

“ .. The show made time for a heart-wrenching goodbye, and the actors John Bell and Sam Heughan did a great job. But that moment brought into relief how scattered this season has been. And Claire’s darting in for a last-second goodbye reminded us that she was practically demoted to a supporting act for large stretches of this season.

This season had its moments. The Fraser fallout was compelling, Lord John’s ascent to Best Beard in the Colonies was fun, and some supporting characters got moments to shine. But over all, the season was marked by scattered storytelling, rushed relationships and engaging history to no good end. Let’s hope next season finds focus, and remembers a few of those promises.

ciamarathathu: Best part of the Vanity Fair article. 


Best part of the Vanity Fair article. 

tzaharasykes: Jamie is such a good father, like honestly I cannot get over the SHIT he put himself…


Jamie is such a good father, like honestly I cannot get over the SHIT he put himself through for the sake of his daughter (you know the ungrateful one that he rarely got any meaningful/redeeming scenes with after traveling all the way to and back from the Mohawk camp lol not even so much as a hug or an apology for being a brat or an I love you, but ok) and of course, Roger, who hesitated in coming back to the woman who told him to fuck off and a child that might not even be his at all. I honestly can’t blame him. Because I feel absolutely nothing for Bree or his relationship with her, and I don’t think she’s worth all the trouble. So 


Oh and now Ian is off living with the Mohawk. He’s happy, and I’m so glad, but still…Jamie and Claire had to give him up and it was painful to watch. Why? Because Ian had to go for the sake of Brianna and Roger’s happy ending.


Because that’s what this season has turned into. And ended with.

So here’s to season five, where hopefully the two most naive and sheltered fuckwits, as well as that baby they have decided to call theirs, can fuck right off back to 1970 where they BELONG!

coolcatgroup: m0rethanyoubargainedf0r: catdad: If at first you…




If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

I reblogged this at like 4am and I’ve spent the whole day thinking about it and randomly laughing

This is exactly how I react to bullsh*t that comes along in my life

Why it reminders me of the show I used to be in love with where the production failed to deliver this season and they cheated but thought they were smart

Loss Ficlet: Bathtub



@holdhertightandsayhername: OBVIOUSLY “In a bubble bath you filled for us both”!!! I need this scene in my life. In Scotland, after a long and tiring day? Pretty please 💕

From this call for prompts

An embarrassment of riches to @thefraserwitch for the last minute beta! <3 ILY, boo.

Loss (Modern AU)
January 2018

Dark circles under each of our eyes were fortune tellers that laid bare the inevitability of a vicious fight one an early Tuesday morning.

Jamie had plainly not slept well.  His hair was rumpled, shower-damp, and he had the sleep-slackened look of a little boy dragged from bed to make the school bus on time.  

Based on the glimpse I had gotten of myself in the hospital locker room after scraping cancer out of a pelvis with surgeons of four other disciplines for ten and a half hours, I was quite a sight, too.  And that was before I had trudged through Edinburgh’s first true ice storm of the season.

Our matching set of dark circles were better than any clairvoyant.  They telegraphed an undeniable truth that neither of us bothered to listen to.

Beyond a kiss hello and sharing of cashew butter toast, a kiss goodbye and a wish for the other to have a good day, we should not have even spoken to each other.

And so we fought.

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