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What exactly are we moving towards? He suffers from OL is GoT delusion. Yes in that story there’s a sort of mystery or answer to reveal. OL is simply a story about two amazing people, one of whom crossed time, to live their love. I watch Modern Family, great show, no real “goal” to achieve there, just cute stories every week. TV does that too. Why is he stuck on this “moving the story along”? It’s doing fine where it is, hello!

MBR is delusional. Like, I don’t have any other way to describe him doubling down on what they “achieved” this season. He has no concept of what the story is. I don’t disagree that he thinks he’s writing some epic television like Thrones, but that’s such an insult to Thrones because that show is still rooted in its characters. Yes, there is a huge, sweeping plot, and so many side plots, but they all converge. They are all intertwined and as I said, they are all rooted in the characters. They’re the ones driving the plot, not the other way around.

And all those character moments he didn’t want to include because they don’t move the story forward? THEY ARE THE STORY. In order to have anyone care about his blessed plot and drama, we need to have rooting interest in the characters and couple. You do that by giving them those character building moments together. It’s literally writing 101. I can’t with him, I’m still so mad about all of this. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore but I can’t shut up. Someone sedate me.

Isn’t the feedback Sam’s getting just the same as what’s already been said to everyone else involved or do you think he’s looking for specific things?

It’s being presented in a very respectful and thoughtful way whereas I think people tend to get a little emotional when talking to the producers, and a few are rude.

Plus, I think Sam will actually try to do something with the feedback.

Makes me wonder if part of that lunch with Cait was to talk about how they would approach the next few days. She’ll tweet the finale and he’ll be silent and then he’ll come on board the next day and engage the fans with promise of more. In both cases they’ll also give us some interesting and fun information while they’re gathering information as well. And it also helps Cait rebuild her Twitter relationship a little bit with the fans because I thought she did a very nice job on Sunday.

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jamieclaire: favorite book quotes: (outlander, chapter 31…


favorite book quotes: (outlander, chapter 31 “Quarter Day”) | “Ye know,” he observed, letting go at last, “you’ve never said it.”



Writers deserve to be dragged, but MBR takes the cake. That Parade article is like he knew the s**t would hit the fan. Is it a new interview or is it from earlier in the season?

Pretty sure it is recent since the question addresses the lack of Jamie and Claire in the season. Here’s what bugged me about his answer the most…. unwillingness to concede a mistake was made. It was a statement of justification and rationalization. He was rationalizing the fuck out of it instead of listening to her point. It’s no longer just disgruntled book fans who can’t let go of canon, it’s a bunch of legit journalists too. Bro! You’ve taken a wrong turn and if you don’t turn your ass around and get back on the interstate you are going to kill this show.

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