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I swear I can’t…..

Was it real when magically Claire appeared to be in the same island than Jamie in Season3? Considering the thousands of islands that are in the Caribbean….

Was it real that magically Claire met the only English spoken person who had to be in the Dominican island at that time? Considering ALL the people there spoke Spanish…..

Was it real that magically Lord John was the governator of Jamaica? The only person that could save Jamie was just casually there in episode 3×12…..

Was it real when 4 people: Claire, Willie, Murtagh, Angus and Ruppert could magically enter the Wentworth prision without no soldier seeing any of them?

Was it real when Roger and Claire found information about Jamie the printer? Do they want me to believe that considering that 200 years later with millions of names, they magically find Jamie’s name on one of the articles?

Was it real when Jamie and Claire were inside a Hurricane and they didn’t even loose their shoes when they arrive at the beach?

Do they want me to believe that Claire would change her clothes more than 4 times during the rent episode (1×05)?

But hey, it’s not real for them to go back from NY to NC in one episode….. but Roger arriving later and alone is normal.

I swear I can’t…..

Don’t forget how quickly they made it to the stones from Culloden in 2×13. NONE of this mattered until now. They owe their viewers a proper explanation. All of this bullshit gas lighting from all involved (yes you too Sam) is sickening. Just tell the damn truth for once. 

Outlander 4×13 Review





Finally I watched the finale of season 4. And I have to say – I’m not very pleased with it. 

As a person who never read any of the books, except the first one maybe, I watched the show with such an interest. And even the third season was not that bad as the last one. As Jamie and Claire are now together in the New World, building a home together, planing a future in America, I expected to see more of them. Bu instead more of the second half of the season was about Brianna and Roger, and more about Roger! I don’t even know what the hell was he doing in the past and how he can even pass through the stones? 

He came. He found Brianna. They handfast (which turned into one radiculous thing, after saying it sooooo many times, the word lost its meaning.) They argued. She said:Go! And he left.
Just like the children does in kindergarten when they are upset about a play or a toy. Anyway. 

For me Roger was always as guilty as Bonnet for what happened to Brianna that night. And I was somahow pleased  with what Jamie did when he saw Roger. And what Ian did after Jamie gave Roger to him. He sold him to Mohawk people.
And so it began…

Even though I felt so sorry for Brianna after the attack, I lost my sympathy to her when she dared to slap her father on the face. How can she, right? Jamie was a very concerned father, who just found out that his daughter was raped and pregnant from someone who abandoned her. What he was supposed to do to Roger? Fondle him with love? I don’t think so. Jamie did what every other father would do in his position. Even so, he never hesitate to go to search for Roger, because he promised this to his girl.. 


And what did this cost him? Ian! For god’s sake. How could they leave young Ian there for Roger? Just because they promise to bring him to Brianna? This was a lot to ask and didn’t worth the trade. Is she gonna be at peace with herself now, knowing that Ian is left behind? I cannot wait to see. 

Brianna initially is an emotionally thoughtful and compassionate girl. But I can’t say that for Roger and he is not really a good influence on her.
The boy is selfish, self-seeker, stubborn and smug. 

He was a captive, he was beaten, when he escaped and found those stones, he thought to leave without Brianna. That was his first instinct. And later he regret his decision to stay and said he was a fool not to take this oppurtunity. Well I wished you had, too Roger.

Jamie and Claire rescued Roger and what is the first thing the boy did? Beat Jamie for what he did to him. How noble! And Jamie is such a big hearted man, he just let him to pour his anger. When I think that I can’t love you more you do something and I for for you even harder every time I see your pretty face James Fraser. Man have a lot to learn from you. You are so precious. 

Anyway, lets go back to the episode.
They told Roger everything what happened and the mister asked for time to think. Because they came to trade and leave Ian there,  just so you can think what to do with your damn life! Your handfasted wife was raped and pregnant, waiting for you to return and what happened? He didn’t came. Until the last moment when everybody lost faith, he appeared. 


Roger’s “return” was hardly romantic, so unfair for Jamie and Ian, and not worth my time really. After all this, I’m not even excited for season 5 to be honest. Jamie is commissioned to kill Murtagh and Brianna can’t go back in her time. This means Roger will stay too. And I really don’t want to see this little man in Fraser’s Ridge, under the same roof with Jamie. 

And what s going to happen with Lord John? Stop using this man for once and make him happy for a change, ha?

Thank you for this! I agree with everything even though I’m a book reader. It shows that show is just problematic on its own and some soul searching is needed in that production!

Am I alone if I’m still very bothered by how childish, selfish, irresponsible, impulsive, abusive, lacking of reflection Broger are? 

And even more bothered when the show is promoting them as relationship goal and refining it as romance?

What message this show is sending to the young women?

“time that comes back in a swell of sea, time that recedes without turning its head, the past is not…”

“time that comes back in a swell of sea,
time that recedes without turning its head,
the past is not past, it is still passing by,
flowing silently into the next vanishing moment :”

Octavio Paz, from “Sunstone,”

The Collected Poems, 1957-1987

(New Directions Publishing Corporation, 1991)

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Loving Jamie – Chapter 28 – JillianK – Outlander Series – Diana Gabaldon [Archive of Our Own]


Also wtf happened to Claire’s original ring??? This show has honestly become so fucking stupid I cantttt

It seriously breaks my heart that the ring that was so precious to Jamie and Claire, the ring that carried Claire through 20 years without Jamie, the ring that she couldn’t bear to part with, was used as a stupid, sickening plot device and then was never spoken about again. There is no excuse good enough.

I really don’t understand why Sam has to double down on the loss of the birthing scene when he knows it devastated a lot of fans after an already crap season. Do you? And give me a break about a realistic time line. It’s a show about time travel! 😐 Contrary to Sam is saying, we also didn’t gain anything either, did we? No J/B reconciliation, no J/C bonding with Jem. It was all about Broger.

Sam has to walk a fine line for awhile.  Yesterday, was all Sam, IMO.  He asked for feedback on the finale and he got an earful. He promised to listen more and return to answer more.

At the same time, he has an obligation to his employer.  He’s perhaps been asked to make sure that some sort of balance is achieved in the fandom while emotions are still running high.  It’s not like this is a live show and so they can make adjustments for next week.  It’s a year away but they don’t want to end in this way. That at least tells me they are taking notice.  And it won’t change what the critics have said.  I’m also wondering if some entertainment sites are calling to talk about the fandom in an uproar and so they need to calm the waters.  Sam has a big stake in the show both as an actor and hopefully a producer. He’s the best person to do it.  Rock meet hard place.  I don’t envy him.  Actually,  I give him credit.

I think he’s also pointing out things that were added that were good such as Murtagh.  Maybe that was suggested to him.

I noticed he also said let’s ask for more episodes. 

It is a show about time travel so that bends time from century to century.  They aren’t apparating from location to location within the same time.  They could have done other things, for example while the majority of the Mohawk settled in upstate NY, some did settle as far south as Pennsylvania. That would have cut back at least a month each way and they could race back for the birth. 

Although I did roll my eyes at the person who said the Cherokee asked for accuracy.  They asked for accuracy in how their people were portrayed, not about what the GPS said.

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