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Yeah, I don’t buy for a second that the Cherokee in 2018 would find it super important that the show make sure that the Frasers in 1770 travel a full 4 months between NY and NC (or that they would even know or have an opinion on that). The “maths” excuse is BS – especially since the show has played fast and loose with time and distance all season (letters seemed to arrive at their destination with amazing speed). And how did Tyron’s troops materialize so suddenly at Cross Creek from Wilmington?

I personally think Lord John should get credit for creating FedEx. 

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Bristling with anger, Elizabeth Taylor puts the media on blast at an

(American Foundation for AIDS Research)

fundraising gala in Cannes on May 24th, 2002 after a reporter stated “not everyone can afford to attend this event” and suggested that the average person’s help wasn’t wanted in the fight against AIDS. Dame Elizabeth was one of the main organizers and activists of amfAR (alongside
Dr. Mathilde Krim), and her separate Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation was established in 1991 with the specific focus of providing nutritious meals (as well as medical and financial assistance) to people living with HIV and AIDS. Following her passing in 2011, a large portion of the

raised at the Christie’s auction of her legendary jewelry collection was bequeathed to her charity in order to continue providing the services and assistance she believed were important in perpetuity.

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WHEDON MEME | 7/8 characters → Illyria (Angel the Series)

We cling to what is gone. Is there anything in this life but grief?

So at the begining Starz pushed Sam Cait flirting and then they fall in LOVE? Sure Starz didn’t want to go that far

Sam fell in love at the chemistry test so that train had left the station.I think Sam and Cait were new to big fame and the spotlight and were just being themselves. It made it special to watch them grow in their feelings even if Starz figured it was …

bonniebird17: FEIGNED RETREAT I’m really, really glad so many of you liked this, army au. It’s a…



I’m really, really glad so many of you liked this, army au. It’s a complicated story but I swear things will clear up (soon). Because the story only is in Jamie’s POV, things gets twisted and very confusing. There is so many things Claire is hiding and I just wanted to remind you of that before you read this chapter. Because you will probably feel more lost after reading it.

@purpleheatherdream was beta and so damn supportive as always. Thanks honey🍯


Fair warning, this is angst and long as hell.

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