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I never liked the Bree part of the story. Casing Sophie has just made it worse. She is not at all what I pictured Bree to be. If she were a better actress I might not still think of her physical characteristics and how they don’t match what I think Bree should be.

Bree was horribly written in the books. A true travesty. Roger, though, was very well written in the books. He’s likable and everything.

All they had to do was make a better Bree.

But, nooooo. Instead, they decided to bring show Roger down to book Bree’s level and then they took show Bree down a few more notches to make her even worse than book Bree.

Then they based an entire season on the two worst characters ever and had then portrayed by less than stellar actors. I mean, honestly, I doubt even the best of actors could have elevated the shit they were dealt to work with… but still.

Clair(e)voyance 4 Master List


4.1     Carnage

4.2     Three Weeks Earlier    

4.3     Landing in America

4.4     One Week Earlier

4.5     Present Day

4.6     “I’ll thank ye to take yer hands off my wife”

4.7     The Search

4.8     The Hospital

4.9     Case Closed


Mood board credit to the incredible @balfeheughlywed .

DG in her forum reply to “Are Roger and Bree also protagonists in Outlander.” (1/?) “How could they not be? <scratching head> I mean, if you read the books, you can _see_ how much of the story belongs to them (less than belongs to Jamie and Claire, but it’s still a significant thread of the overall larger story). Worth noting, I think, that Roger and Brianna’s thread winds through and over Jamie and Claire’s–it’s a major part of _their_ story, and vice-versa. 👉🏻

I guess that DG also got the slap in the hand for passive aggressively posting the birth scene missing from the book. They know that some of the most vocals fans are also book readers and they are afraid for their investment to go awry (and so is she… I’m expecting an announcement of one of her novellas to get its own show in payment for this).

At some point in her explanation she seems to have a hard time separating the characters from the people, though! Funny how that happens!!!

And not sure if this is from the same anon as the 4 previous ones but interesting how DG is just instructing people to give up and just take it. I guess she feels we are gonna need a healthy amount of Vaseline to take in s5.





The car rolled to a stop in front of the townhome.

Jamie scanned the sidewalk before he realized he didn’t need to anymore.  

He’s dead.  You saw him.  He’s gone.  

He closed his eyes, let out a slow breath, released the tension he felt at facing this place and what had happened since he’d been here.  


They are terrible things.

“Jamie?  Are you all right?” John asked.

“Aye,” Jamie answered softly, still looking up at the house.  He dropped his head, then turned to his friend.  “Thank ye for bringing me home.  Here,” he corrected.  “Bringing me here.”

John gave him a half-smile, shrugged and opened his car door.

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Outlander Finale Recap: The Ballad of Murcasta

Outlander Finale Recap: The Ballad of Murcasta:






I…LOVE…Heather!  I’m howling!  Oh man.  So many zingers   LOL!

So, these two stand there clasping at each other as if they are two
humans with chemistry. And then she says, in that emotionless way she
has, “You’re here.”

So hard to choose a favourite but “ She is the Watching Paint Dry of people.” is in my top three

“Jamie cares deeply for us, so he puts on his glasses one last time this season to read the missive.“ 

“   Dogface is still living in his tent, licking his wounds in front of a fairly courteously provided fire, and generally being of no use. It’s very much as if the Dread Pirate Kaheroton is like, “Goodnight Dogface, sleep tight, we’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”   I howled!!  Fav movie!!

“Murtagh is hopeful she can forgive Jamie, then, too. This significant character moment essentially goes like this:

hey girl u cool w jamie now


k thx”

SMDH. I was between laughing and shaking my head through the finale and it’s supposed to angsty and sad. It’s even worse than mediocre, it’s a everything-can-go-wrong-has-gone-wrong level of debacle.

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