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What are you top five favourite Loss ficlets?

How can you make me pick between my own children like this?

Just kidding *cracks knuckles*.  Let’s go at President Snow on them. In no particular order:

  1. Barrier (the birth control talk about eight times too late) – they’re so new and a little awkward here; Jamie is so eager, and she’s excited, but a little tentative; I love them in this stage
  2. Afghanistan (war and the scar on Jamie’s thigh) – this is the first time he’s openly laid himself bare to her, let her see his damage
  3. Words (Jamie is working on a big project and is a little moody; Claire tries not to let it get to her) – I think these two are at their sexiest/greatest with a little simmering tension, a touch of flirtation, and calling each other back to the seemingly insignificant details of their story (Jamie remembering that the dress she wears was the one she wore on their first date)
  4. Handfasting (Jamie & Claire and a tradition that predates everything they know) – I love this more than I loved their wedding; it is intimate and just them through and through, particularly Claire’s squickiness about doing it with some sort of non-sterile instrument
  5. Bookcases (snooping and Harry Potter) – this felt like the turning point for me for Claire, where she let the category of “fuck buddy” melt into something else

There is a good chance that a different day would get you a completely different answer to this question. 

Honorable mentions:

  1. More (dates two, three, and almost-four)
  2. Spain (Jamie goes on a business trip to Barcelona and things get trying) 
  3. Shed (forever home?)
  4. Boyfriend (the first time Claire says the word)

Do you have any favorites, Anon?

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sssaruuu: Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser (5/∞) a…


Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser (5/∞)

a glass face [pt1] [pt2]

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rainmanjdog: fantasticfrasers: This dressing’s been chafing me…



This dressing’s been chafing me for days…

This brings back memories. Innocent ones!!! I think I watched this episode no less than 20 times the year it first aired. Sigh….

nemfrog:Bird portraits. 1901. Cover detail. Ernest…

nemfrog:Bird portraits. 1901. Cover detail. Ernest Seton-Thompson, illus.

I think what’s frustrating is that it seems to me that fans are most likely going to be punished for the shitty writing, and editing choices of this season. Reading most of the professional reviews it seems like they have a huge Rodger problem. Literally no one connects with him or likes him, and Bree is a secondary problem for a lot of the same reasons. They will have to spend time addressing these things which I fear will again be at the expense of JC.

I’ve seen several Broger fans on twitter replying to other fans saying that we just need the show to explain them better to us and they need more scenes and then we’ll like them. But it’s not going to work because there is literally no chemistry between Rik and Sophie.

I know fans keep saying it’s unfair to “pit” Rik and Sophie against Sam and Cait, but given the fact that the show is trying to turn this show from being about one couple to two, I think the comparison is fair and relevant.

The show was never going to find another pair of actors with the chemistry that Sam and Cait have together. What they have together goes beyond simple chemistry; I know this because Sam has played other roles in which he is paired with a leading lady, and there has been little to no chemistry onscreen between them. Whatever kismet exists between them, it’s almost supernatural.

So while I never expected the show to find anything like what exists between them for Bree and Roger, they didn’t even swing and miss with Rik and Sophie. They just flat out FAILED. There is not a single ounce of chemistry or heat between them. It is awkward and uncomfortable to watch them onscreen together. Nothing is going to change that. Nothing is going to change my opinion on that because chemistry exists or it doesn’t, and with them, it doesn’t.

They are unwatchable together. This show was built on the chemistry of Sam and Cait — no one else could play Jamie and Claire and make it work. It wouldn’t matter who played Frank or BJR (Tobias really isn’t revelatory in either role, lets be honest), or one of the Highlanders, or Jocasta, or even Fergus or Marsali.

But if you want to take a show built around one romantic couple, with chemistry like Sam and Cait, and try and shift the focus to two couples? You better pony up actors with chemistry together. They didn’t do it. The casting of those characters is an abject failure. And I don’t want to waste time watching two people like that together onscreen. It sucks the life out of the viewing experience for me.

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