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fakehistory:Americans celebrate the end of prohibition (1933)

fakehistory:Americans celebrate the end of prohibition (1933)

plainclairebeauchamp: 25 Days of Outlander – Dec 10 – Favorite…


25 Days of Outlander – Dec 10 – Favorite Scotland Location
Reverend Wakefield’s House

I’m a little bit worried about Red notice. Unknown writers, unknown director and relatively unknown lead actor. It will be very hard to sell this one. Do you think Sam knows what he’s doing? It seems a risky career move to me.

It’s got a really good cast, and I don’t think some of those people would have taken this movie if it wasn’t a good script. And it’s based on a book so that always drives in a certain amount of people who want to see a good book in 3D. I think this is a perfect opportunity for Sam for many reasons. It’s small enough so that it’s not a Studio’s tentpole production with all that pressure. They did a nice roll out yesterday. And I totally think he could carry a movie like that because it’s got such a strong Ensemble underneath him as well. It’s not going to break his career if it doesn’t do huge numbers but it will Elevate his career if it gets good notice. I think it’s a pretty Perfect Choice.

恐怖!中國製逾萬劑免疫球蛋白疫苗 驗出愛滋病毒感染 – 國際 – 自由時報電子報 2019-02-06T09:37:42.000Z

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“Things aren’t always as they are reported. Blame is often placed where it doesn’t fully belong.” OMG, thank you, thank you. All this cait blame when it could fall on: writers, directors, higher ups watching dailies, #hollywoodmetoomovenent. NO ONE here knows the actual reality, and placing blame solely on cait has gotten out of control!

Yup. The scripts are written and approved, or rewritten, then the actor may give notes which may not be taken, then the director tells what they are looking for. That gets changed, accepted, or edited out. Then it goes up the line for editing. Cait…

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