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waltzaboutwhiskyonice: Sky Lands Andy McNab Action Thriller ‘SAS: Red Notice,’ Altitude Boards…


Sky Lands Andy McNab Action Thriller ‘SAS: Red Notice,’ Altitude Boards Sales

“Sky has taken the U.K. and Ireland rights to “SAS: Red Notice,” the Magnus Martens’ action thriller based on the novel by former British special forces operative turned bestselling writer Andy McNab. Sky Cinema will release the film in 2020 and it will have a theatrical run and play on the pay-TV platform. Altitude has boarded sales and will have the film at the EFM in Berlin.”

According to the article – LG was not involved here in production.

Parabolic Pictures, Ingenious Media, J3, Silver Reel Partners, Altitude Filmed Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Creativity Capital, Hero Squared, ZDF have now wrapped production on the movie, which was shot in London, Paris and Budapest.”

This is why it was labeled an “Indie ”- no studio. But that doesnt matter. This is a big budget Indies. If it’s theater run goes really well… a studio will pick it up. Remember, Indie movies are only labeled that way due to budget and studio backing vs what a commercial film will shell out backed by a studio. It does not mean it’s bad or can’t do well. This is def a Bond audition and I’m here for it. Also NOT surprised for a 2020 release. There wasn’t an adequate release date in 2019 that I could see in the trades- to give this film room to breathe and move. 2020 will be a big year for SH. Maybe a franschise for him as well. We shall see.

avasetocallmyown: “The day is ours, Sassenach.” – Jamie


“The day is ours, Sassenach.”Jamie

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Hey, Flockie! Regarding your “undying love and eternal side-eye” (haha) for Sam and Cait, how about writing something that you would write right now if you were still gossip blogging about these 2 “not together” (side-eye) celebs. Just for fun and if you feel up to spreading some of your jam. LOL

I mean, if I’m being as honest as a dude who’s hung like a hamster actually copping to 3-½ inches, I wouldn’t write about them. From a gossip standpoint, they’re boring as fuck, which is exactly what they were aiming for. The only thing I’d even write about – and thank a dowry of six fucks and a donkey that I don’t have to watch the awards shows anymore – is how Cait’s fashion choices continue to make my eyeballs sad. She is lovely. Her looks are either complete hits or they miss the mark so far it’s like watching Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder try and throw down a tennis match.

I think Sam and Cait are exactly where they want to be celebrity news-wise. They both had and/or have their thing that keeps the public at bay and, as always, it’s only weird if you’re looking at it through a microscope (because then it’s still super fucky.) My love for them continues as a zen shipper. The side-eyes are because I still don’t get the hoops they jumped through to get to where they are now. There were a thousand easier ways, but I think their newness to their current level in the industry and all of the scrutiny made them comfortable putting their public personas in other people’s hands and, for better or worse, it served its purpose. 

sherrigamblin: scatterations: Dear Anons If you’re trying to snidely accuse me of Cait hate – just…



Dear Anons

If you’re trying to snidely accuse me of Cait hate – just don’t bother.

Don’t forget, Cait is Sam’s biggest supporter. I’m sure she’s congratulated him in private.

Why shouldn’t I, and others, be excited about Sam’s projects? Outlander is officially in Droughtlander mode, and unless they get their fingers out, there’ll be precious little PR for the next year or so.

Cait’s got her film coming up soon. She’ll be getting as much promo from fans.



You can’t fabricate Cait support out of thin air. If she shared stuff or posted about projects then we would have something to support. But she doesn’t, sooooooo, until she does I am all Sam.

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