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You know after Cait received the call to rescue Sam and then he showed her the selfie he did, she just rolled her eyes and walked away shaking her head. Also, I think Cait’s posting of the movie pic on IG when she did (noticeably not Europe or US mainland time) knowing Sam posted his pic (& peeps would figure out it’s Hawaii) was her way of *subtly* telling that she’s with him. I think she does that often, post or do something that says they’re together but not too obvious.

He got teeny banter from Ruby, and more from Eiza , that one bringing out fantalk of how they were flirting. Cait has a different style than Sam does, that’s an understatement. But I think that sometimes she wants to shout the truth from the rooftops as much as he does. Mine, mine, mine!

sdzoo: The greatest story ever told. Video by Ryoko Chonan


The greatest story ever told. 

Video by Ryoko Chonan

Do you know how can people tell that the pic cait posted wasn’t screenshot from IG?

No. I don’t know. Top one is Cait’s posted pic, bottom one is Sam’s. It doesn’t matter to me, either she got it from him or she screencapped it. Either way she liked it enough to save it on her phone and post it on a different platform than he did.

Cait right now

So damn sick of her stupid remarks on Sam. Is there no other way to be cute and banter without making him look dumb? She does have self esteem issues. I get these kinda of jokes but it’s just getting too old and cringeworthy.

It’s tiresome honestly. I know she doesn’t actually mean it, but it makes her look bad every single time. Can she just once say something nice about him? Or banter with him in a way that’s normal between costars? Why is she always so harsh? Why does she try to make him look like a dumb jock with no substance who just takes his shirt off? I think she needs to stay away from him on social media until she can figure out how to treat him like a friend (because she wants us to believe that that’s all he is). My respect for her is basically non existent at this point.

F 😊

F: Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.


“Would you like to come in?” she whispered.  

He knew what this was costing her.  She was asking for another chance.  She was hoping.  Hoping he hadn’t given up on her.  

Jamie pushed his arms against the steering wheel, locking his elbows.  He looked out of the side window.  

Taking a deep breath he turned his head slowly and met Claire’s eyes.  

“Claire.”  He watched her be brave and meet his gaze.  She straightened a little in her seat.  “Claire, if I come in…now…I’m no’ goin’ home before dawn.  I’m no’ sleepin’ on the floor, or the settee.”  

He watched the pulse quicken at the base of her throat.

“If I come in, mo neighean donn, I’m in yer bed and between yer legs.”

He watched as she blinked hard.  Swallowed.  Nodded.  Watched as she gathered her composure.

She groped for the door handle, and pulled it open.  

“Fine,” she said, her tone haughty.  “I won’t bother making tea, then.”

I think if I ever had an iconic moment… it was this one.  This one encapsulated Claire for me, shy, insecure, tentative but aching with want. And showed Jamie to be the dead sexy no nonsense cop I wanted him to be.  And finally, I wanted to show how Claire, after everything that she’d been through, was still scrappy.

Thanks for the ask, friend!

Bangs head. Cait can’t win. People hate when she ignores sam. Tuen bitches when she plays with him. That’s what she’s doing. Joking. It’s funny. It’s cute. I’m clearly in minority that it makes me smile.

It makes me smile too. It’s hilarious, it’s their way, and I love them for it. These two are so smart, so connected, so together…let’s give them some credit for God’s sake. After five + years, if Sam felt disrespected or insulted by her sense of humour, he’s grown up enough and comfortable enough with Cait, to have said so, and she loves him enough that she would have stopped long ago. It doesn’t have to be to everyone’s taste, but none of us has the right to project that onto Cait. It’s hateful to her, and it makes Sam look like a cowering fool.

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