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“Just never forget that you’re English in a place where that’s not a pretty thing to be.” Jamie

Even putting the book “aside” as they say, Jamie & Claire’s non-presence was a glaring failure on the part of the writers. Many women died in childbirth at that time. Fact. Geneva. For goodness sake, Jamie’s own mother died in childbirth. As if J&C would not move heaven and earth to be with their time traveling only living biological daughter when she goes into labor. Massive massive fail and I am done with this show because of it.

And this list goes on. And on and on and on….


Clair(e)voyance: Snow Day


“Dammit all to HELL!” Claire shouted in the confines of the car.

She hated driving.  Hated it.  

She always used public transportation, and her townhome was not a far walk to the hospital.  But today was different.  Today her errand took her outside of London, so she needed to take her car. 

Jamie had offered to drive her but she insisted she could handle it.  There was a light snow falling that morning, nothing really sticking to the ground.  But then the day got colder, and the snow got heavier.  

And now she was stuck.

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Caitriona Balfe | Outlander Season 4 Behind the Scenes
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Sunshine of Outlander

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Cate Blanchett | 72nd British Academy Film Awards Red Carpet

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