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xkcds: Thanks for bringing us along. Opportunity Rover…


Thanks for bringing us along.
Opportunity Rover [Explained]

themusicsweetly: One Hundred Ways to Say I Love You“If my last…


One Hundred Ways to Say I Love You

“If my last words are not ‘I love you’ – ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.”


blindwire: ‪I’m getting very emotional over the poetic and potentially final message sent out by the…


‪I’m getting very emotional over the poetic and potentially final message sent out by the mars opportunity rover 😥

Loss (Act II), Part Twenty-Two


There are not words enough to express my gratitude to @kalendraashtar​ (for her unflagging honesty and encouragement), @notevenjokingfic​ (for being the one who listens to my ranting), @sassenachwaffles​ (for keeping me focused on the big picture and avocados), and @kkruml​ (for her hawkeye for unnecessary floweriness and repetition) for all of the things they do to help me through this process. It might seem silly, but they all mean a lot to me and have kept this train moving.

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Loss (Act II)
Part Twenty-Two
(Jamie P.O.V.)

The backseat of John Grey’s artificially-warmed car smelled of a life built over a series of years.  (Leather and powder.   Coffee and juice boxes.  Sage and animal crackers.  Aftershave and baby shampoo.)  

There, in late afternoon traffic, pitched just loud enough for me to hear, Claire’s voice adopted the tone reserved for a lie.

“I’m cold.”

She reached over the carseat separating us. Her fingers fumbled in the rhythm of a first-time piano player, searching for me until I turned my hand palm up. Our digits tangled and she began to stroke the line of the still-healing scar along my ring finger.  For once, her hand was warmer than mine.

“We should get you a new ring.”  

With a body-consuming, ancient, and bone-dry sigh, her head of curls fell to rest on the seat, eyes not fluttering shut, but instead falling decisively closed.  

My guts churned hot and sour as I thought of my wedding band.

(The ring that she slid onto my finger at our wedding, that had not been removed until cut free in California. Now just a shard of twisted metal in a plastic bag and tucked away in my luggage.)

I turned my back on the passing scenery of our city (drizzle, snow, slush, streetlights) to study her.  

When my wife smiled (really smiled), it made her whole face undergo a metamorphosis.  

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You know what gives me hope? You’re latest post garnered thoughtful comments from known shippers and anti-shippers alike. So happy that people can be civil and adults about OL. Maybe now, we can proceed with one voice asking for change with production? They might not listen to 20 people, but how about 2,000? :-)

Really? I don’t pay attention to all shippers and there are certainly many around here who are not shippers and/or closet shippers. I definitely don’t waste my time on anti-shippers. They love to mock my posts, or so I have been told since I blocked all of the identifiable ones. But if my post generates dialogues, that’s definitely a plus. 

Since there is still confusion over my opinion so let me clear it up. Sex doesn’t equal nudity. Intimacy doesn’t equal nudity. As such, intimacy and sex can be portrayed without nudity. One only has to look at previous Outlander episode to get the meaning of this. The campfire scene for instance, where Jamie was intent on pleasuring Claire — both actors were fully clothed yet it is the most erotic scene in Outlander. 

For those imagining that I want naked Jamie and Claire, or that I am chomping at the bits for Caitriona to do a full frontal – you might want to turn your gaze inward and engage some introspection. 

As for production, it’s a lost cause. It’s not about giving up, it’s about screaming into the void. MBR, MD and TG have no interest in listening to fans who care about the show and who have constructive criticism. They are invested in making certain that they dangle potential sex between Jamie and Claire in Season 5 to hook existing viewers from leaving and reel new ones in. They are committed to selling Brogerlander while promoting Outlander. They are more interested in defending the indefensible – their poor adaptation choices for Season 4, which undermined Jamie and Claire Fraser and removed any trace of Outlander, the show that once upon a time, was Obsessable. 

Hollywood. Outlines to actors. Not usually done. An outline has very little if any dialogue so it doesn’t really help an actor prep. But this could be a good thing if Caitriona (and Sam) were given producer credit (or some creative control) to give input on story. It could be the show runner’s way of letting them know what they have planned for their characters allowing them some time to give them notes. Other deptments can prep off outlines – locations, art, wardrobe. (1/2)

Thanks dear! That is a lot of valuable information.

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