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auldcine: The full moon is supposed to have a profound effect…


The full moon is supposed to have a profound effect on the emotions. That’s an interesting point, don’t you think? Very. To think that a piece of this cold earth flew off and created such a lot of warm things like poetry, like… “Oh, moon of my delight … That knows no wane…”

Eleanor Parker and Fred MacMurray in A Millionaire for Christy (1951)

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(1547957456691.jpg (JPEG 画像, 1600×1143 px) – 表示倍率 (56%)から)

yalitzaparicio: You son of a bitch. I never made one of these…


You son of a bitch. I never made one of these when you were still responding because I was so mad at you for leaving. And then when you went quiet, it felt like I should live with that decision, and I have. 

INTERSTELLAR (2014) dir. Christopher Nolan

swanjolras-archive: swanjolras-archive: gosh but like we spent hundreds of years looking up at the…



gosh but like we spent hundreds of years looking up at the stars and wondering “is there anybody out there” and hoping and guessing and imagining

because we as a species were so lonely and we wanted friends so bad, we wanted to meet other species and we wanted to talk to them and we wanted to learn from them and to stop being the only people in the universe

and we started realizing that things were maybe not going so good for us– we got scared that we were going to blow each other up, we got scared that we were going to break our planet permanently, we got scared that in a hundred years we were all going to be dead and gone and even if there were other people out there, we’d never get to meet them

and then

we built robots?

and we gave them names and we gave them brains made out of silicon and we pretended they were people and we told them hey you wanna go exploring, and of course they did, because we had made them in our own image

and maybe in a hundred years we won’t be around any more, maybe yeah the planet will be a mess and we’ll all be dead, and if other people come from the stars we won’t be around to meet them and say hi! how are you! we’re people, too! you’re not alone any more!, maybe we’ll be gone

but we built robots, who have beat-up hulls and metal brains, and who have names; and if the other people come and say, who were these people? what were they like?

the robots can say, when they made us, they called us discovery; they called us curiosity; they called us explorer; they called us spirit. they must have thought that was important.

and they told us to tell you hello.

this is far and away the most popular post i ever made on tumblr. people have asked me if they could illustrate it, people have asked me if they could turn it into a novella, people just messaged me to say it made them cry. that means more to me than i can say.

you probably heard that the mars opportunity rover died today. 

it was hard news to hear. i cried at my desk at work. it doesn’t make it easier that it was only supposed to run for 90 days at all; it doesn’t make it easier that it lived 14 years longer than it expected to. it lived a full life. it lived a very good life. it was the first set of eyes on miles and miles of mars. it was an explorer, it was tough, it was very, very brave. and none of that makes it easier, none of that makes it okay that it is not going to sing happy birthday to itself again.

about a year ago, my childhood cat died. i loved her more than anything. i don’t live near my family any more, and i wasn’t there for it, but my parents were, and they held her while her body gave out, and they say she knew she was with them, she knew she was loved.

i know opportunity was a computer inside a movable body, and not a person, or even an animal. still, i wish it had had people to hold it. i wish it had been with the people who cared for it. it seems very hard to me, to die so far from home.

but i think – to the extent to which we can say computers “know” things, which i think is a great deal; i think knowing is most of what computers do; i think if they have a consciousness, knowledge must be nearly all of it-

i think opportunity knew it was loved. 

every couple of months i dream that i’ve gone home and my cat’s there. even now, even though my grieving is over and done with, i visit her in my dreams, and i hold her, and every time, she purrs. she missed me. she’s so happy to be with me again.

that’s a very human thing, dreaming of what we’ve loved. what we’ve lost. dreaming things that outlast death. like robots, and singing.

philippaofhainault: “I would have loved him in any era, in any dark age; I would take him into the…


“I would have loved him
in any era, in any dark age; I would take him
into the twilight and unwind him, slide
my fingers through his hair and pull him
to his knees. As it is, this afternoon, late
in the twentieth century, I sit on a chair
in the kitchen with my keys in my lap, pressing
the black button on the answering machine
over and over, listening to his message,
his voice strung along the wires outside my window
where the birds balance themselves
and stare off into the trees, thinking
even in the farthest future, in the most
distant universe, I would have recognized
this voice, refracted, as it would be, like light
from a small, uncharted star.”

— Dorianne Laux, from ‘As It Is’, What We Carry: Poems (via soracities)

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Gratitude – Tidying Up With Marie Kondo (2019)

I fucking love Marie Kondo. At this point, she’s the only minimalist/organizer I’ve seen who understands that an emotional attachment to things is a natural and good human experience. And she advocates for people to focus on all the things that they love, and doesn’t make judgements on what those things are. (And despite the negativity going around, she does not say to throw away all of your books! She wants people to treasure the books that they love, and create space to showcase the books that you care about.) She’s an angel and I love her.

yes ty!

also there’s a lot of reactionary or misled ppl trying to make her into some for-rich-ppl-only minimalist caricature when everyone she visits on the show is clearly middle class and sometimes poor.

she’s not forcing – or even suggesting – ppl get rid of everything for the sake of getting rid of things. one couple she visited ended the show with about double the stuff that other families started with, and yet she still praised them and told them how much better it looked, and they still said how glad they were they did it, and how they were satisfied with the amount they ended with.

>>>her purpose here isnt to be minimalist. it’s to declutter so that you keep only what you truly want and need, to give focus to your daily life so you’re not distracted or held back.

and the ppl making her into some angry, all-powerful, scary-woman meme are just. being mean. or they’re genuinely frightened by a very gentle, kind woman, which is. weird. stop that?

some of the ppl on the show mistakenly lean toward getting rid of things that really matter to them in an effort to please marie, but like she praised a teenage boy who decided to keep his first sippy cup cuz he was emotionally attached to it. she told his mom to give the sippy cup a place of honor above the sink so he could look at it everyday.

>>>she, herself, is non-judgemental and encourages parents n family to be non-judgemental towards others, as well. she, herself, thinks you and only you can, should, and must, determine for yourself what to keep, and why.

others are misinterpreting her, out of a need to please her (and then becoming scared of this boogie-man mother-figure they make out of her) and they shouldn’t, particularly since getting rid of everything is precisely not what she wants.

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