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Woman suffrage headquarters in Upper Euclid Avenue, Cleveland. 1912. via reddit



Morning Musing on Irish Magazine


First, yes to those who also commented on the picture with Colin Mochrie.
She looks happy, relaxed and finally more like herself, hair and all.   I’m
hoping it’s because she’s far less stressed overall than she was a year ago and
that could be because she’s confident in where the season prep is going, plus
relaxed and happy that she and Sam finally got some quality time together, if
that glowing tan means anything.

Irish Magazine? (First, if you liked it CLICK ON IT.  Don’t just read the full text here on Tumblr.) It was a very good article. It was the article I’ve been
hoping for that works on making her relatable. It was an article where she
focused on one cause and spoke about it in a very articulate way instead of the
jump on every bandwagon way she
tweets about causes. And she made some very good points about it. 

When I read long articles like this, certain things leap out at me beyond
the obvious main parts of the story.  In this
case, it was the journalist observing that Cait is so understated nobody
notices her in the restaurant. It’s the schleppy thing plus people probably see
a lot of very pretty brunettes around. Probably helps that Claire is starting to look very different from Cait.  I think she and Sam take full advantage
of that when they travel together and have perfected the she keeps walking for a bit while he stops for a picture, routine.
Truth be told that comment got me almost as excited as the producer thing.

Her side projects sound interesting and it’s good that she feels confident
in her career to be able to try her hand at that. Trying to write her own
scripts gives her a good insight into the process and how she gives feedback to
Outlander scripts beyond her own character. I would love to see her or Sam or
both get a shot at directing an episode in one of the next two seasons.

I like that this article had a purpose yet didn’t talk about her personal
life at all.  Often articles designed to
make you more relatable might also talk about your personal life if you have something
interesting going on.  This one
deliberately stayed away from the fengagement, which is made more interesting because
they have used Irish publications and Irish pap walks as the primary conduit to
push it out there. But as soon as she’s out of the Starz-controlled promo
window, look what happens.  ( And I did
find it very sweet that her father was both a policeman and a comedian.)

On to the other big news of the story, congratulations to them on the
well-deserved nod at being named producers of the show they helped make a
hit.  The producer status is
well-deserved for both of them. Pretty sure it’s why they’ve been hanging
around Los Angeles for several weeks. It validated my gut feel in how they behaved over finale
weekend with her live tweeting and him totally ignoring the finale and then
jumping in the next day to ask questions about the finale. And he worded the
question very astutely by opening the door for all feedback even though he
always will get a percentage that are just kissing his ass. He asked it in a
way that gave permission to be critical. That is what a good producer would do.

They showed themselves to be a team again that time (not that we didn’t know
that already).  And their approach was
very strategic, very deliberate.  Together,
they are the true definition of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, both personally and professionally.

Keep in mind though, producer status is not executive producer status so there’s always the
chance they can be overruled by Matt, Toni or Maril. One example of that was
the way Sam had to tweet the party line on the day after his Q&A but I’m
sure he held his nose while he did it. And he did it in a way that was obvious as to was going
on so it did not negate the two days before, if you were paying attention. With producer status and the fact
that they’ve already seen script outlines (not a typical thing), it looks like
they have a chance to input on how the overall story flows. That’s hugely
important. That’s assuming that it’s even true that they’ve only seen outlines,
I’ll bet they seen some scenes too.

 I almost always write in outline format no matter what I’m doing. Sometimes it’s
a mental outline like in this post and if it’s a big presentation for work, I
actually write up a true, make my 7th grade English teacher proud, outline. (After all, giving good presentation is all about telling a story.) So
giving Sam & Cait outlines is a good start. And if that means that starting
filming is delayed a few weeks, then I think that can only be good for the

What producer status will do is first and foremost protect the Integrity of
their characters both in the way they behave and maybe even in when they enter
a scene or story. And that has great potential.
I was rewatching the 2017 interview with Yvonne at the LA Times (the one
where Cait twirls the gold band on her finger when Yvonne mentions the Frasers
have settled into married life) and Cait talked about how they get disappointed
when certain book scenes are left out or changed (she gave the Claire finds out
about Willie story as an example). 

Also, if I’m another producer or a fairly new writer on the set, I think I
would defer to the two people who know those characters the best. And if more
people support what they do and say, perhaps that will shift Matt and Toni the
right way should there be a debate over it.
Time will tell. They won’t win all the battles by means, but they will win some or even prevent them from happening.  Especially if the survey results tally out as I expect them to.

I will remind people again that Cait did not say she wanted fewer sex
scenes. She wanted less explicit sex scenes or scenes where they make love as
Sam would say. And so perhaps they can help craft the right kind of scene and fit
it in the right places. We already know that sometimes the scripts are pretty
vague and they tried to get creative. Or maybe Sam can place iconic line in
a better places than the times Matt shoves them in out of context.  Overall, it doesn’t mean they all of a
sudden have full control of all things Outlander or even all things Jamie and
Claire. But it does mean now that
they have authority and equal footing with some of the writers who have the
same status, assuming that’s what their teams negotiated. So they can’t just
make a suggestion that is “heard”, they at least have to be heard and debated.
And judging by her tan and glow, perhaps so far it’s going okay.

The mentions of her early months living and filming in Scotland were
interesting. I would imagine that’s where first a friendship grew, and then one
night perhaps with a little help from Father Whisky, they couldn’t deny what
was fate any longer. It’s an awfully sweet story that would make a great
script, Cait.  Even if the last few years
you’d have to say that truth was Stranger than Fiction! And it’s time that you
and Sam deserve your happy ending together.

Write it.

bunlander: Let actresses stand on their own without inserting their male co-stars into every aspect…


Let actresses stand on their own without inserting their male co-stars into every aspect of their careers

pissedoffsoka13: “So much of what makes you crazy is just your own thoughts, right? So if you can…


“So much of what makes you crazy is just your own thoughts, right? So if you can stop that spiral at a point … ” – Balfe

This quote might explain the shift in both the SamCait narrative and the way OL production dealt with sex scenes post S1. We have seen how unguarded Caitriona and Sam were in the early days, either behind the scenes, on the red carpet, or during interviews and panels. They we loved up. LOVED UP (it comes out occasionally now but nothing like it used to be). They only had eyes for each other. I’m not here to debate whether that was showmance or romance because no showmance can ever reach their organic level of devotional practice. 

We have seen how raw and honest they were on screen with their intimacy in S1 (and beyond but definitely not in S4). Safe in their Scotland bubble, nothing could touch them. Once the show gained traction, fans started noticing their on-and-off screen chemistry. Sexy gifs started floating around (not blaming gif makers, nothing but love for them). Speculations about their relationship status intensified. They, or Caitriona in particular, probably realized they got more than they bargained for. They were too unguarded too soon. Bared all for the world to see, their hearts and their bodies. Where to go from that point on? 

“So much of what makes you crazy is just your own thoughts…” Think about the endless fascination with SamCait. Think about the things fans imagine she and Sam do in their private time together. Think about how intrusive some overzealous fans have been. Think about the whole Shatner debacle. Think about the whole world knowing she said Sam’s name during a sex scene. Think about how women fawn over Sam. Think about how women oversexualize Sam. 

This is not about fans being bad fans or that there are “good fans” and “bad fans.” It’s not about shipping. It’s not about shippers. It’s about the reality the she was probably confronted with after Outlander became popular. In all likelihood, it was probably too much to handle. Too freaking much. What was her option? Perhaps to put a stop to all of it. ALL OF IT. Hence, we are where we are at now with SamCait and the show. The price of exposure, fame, riches, and above all, public scrutiny. DIAL BACK. GIVE NOTHING. 

It’s something to consider. 

Excellent observations. It sounds to me she has been aware she’s overthinking over something she couldn’t control, and finally she’s honest about it. I hope being honest, talking about it openly is a sign of letting go. It’s easy to say as an actress she should not care what people think about her. But apart from being an actress, she is a person, she is a woman. 

She’s not young anymore when she landed this big gig. She has become famous quickly. Then she met the love of her life and they have to fake sex on set for the whole world to see.  She wasn’t exactly lucky in previous relationships. I could imagine it’s too much for her to handle at times.

I still don’t think what they have been / are doing is the only way to go. But this article finally sheds light on how she feels in a more honest manner. She’s no longer hiding behind Claire, Outlander and whom she’s not with and she’s with. This article makes it possible to relate to her, sympathise with her.

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