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In the Eye of a Hurricane


Chapter Two

Claire sat there, silent, waiting to see what Jamie would say. When she’d run away, she’d never planned on running into anyone she knew. They’d gone to Scotland, for Christ’s sake, it wasn’t like she knew anyone there. And yet somehow, she’d wandered upon the one house in Scotland where she knew someone. And it wasn’t just someone. It was a person whose secrets she’d listened to and kept. A person who listened to the things she had to find a way to speak. A person who sat there and held her hand as they exchanged their fears. 

The plan was to lie about her situation. Throughout her entire journey that day, she crafted the proper story. Getting far away from Frank was the main idea, but making sure no one had any suspicions about her was the second idea. And yet, there she was, spouting the truth to Jamie like she’d never formed a plan to begin with.

Finally, Jamie cleared his throat and looked up at her. “Are ye alright? Wh-what made ye run away? That is, if ye dinna mind me asking,” he asked, his voice faltering.

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Claire and Brianna 


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