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roseydoux: Sabrina  (1954)


Sabrina  (1954)

julesbeauchamp: Save Tonight: Chapter 6  a/n: Quick thanks to…


Save Tonight: Chapter 6 

a/n: Quick thanks to @lburks226 for making sure I write proper english and all. And @curlsgetdemgurls @suzannevvale & @sassenachwriter just cause they’re my babies and I love them a lot. 
Thank you for reading and enjoy! 

Roasted chicken.

Roasted chicken would do. With oven cooked potatoes — Mrs Graham’s rosemary and thyme recipe— and a salad. Or carrots. Surely that would be alright. At least, Claire hoped it would, because her culinary range wasn’t vast enough to try and impress Jamie with anything else. 

She had spent the previous week rummaging through her pantry, wondering what on Earth she would cook for the Scot, and she hated herself for it. Who cared? Surely not him. Maybe he wouldn’t even show up for the dinner, anyway. Sometimes, she hoped he would cancel. Other times, the simple idea of him cancelling gripped her mind in a state of panic, her chest tightening.  

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A. imagine your otp

B. dear gods this country has massive issues

I’ve been looking for this post for ages

listen, I’ve read enough fanfic to know that they’re not getting divorced, but it’ll take about 35k of pining to figure that out.

They started out trying to fuck unfair tax laws, but they ended up falling in love. 

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