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Redeem Me: Chapter Twelve


Happy Friday! As a reminder posting schedule changes next week and I’ll be updating less frequently. 

A/n: Some of you who read the original incarnation of this story might be a little confused. I’ve included a clarification at the end of the chapter. 

As always thanks to beta @notevenjokingfic who really helped me work out the kinks in this chapter, to grammar queen @lburks226, to @happytoobservenolongerdistant and her eye for details and @jack-andthestalk who gives the best feedback and encouragement. 

Enjoy! 💕


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Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve: A Case Of You 

Despite the frustration wrought by the conversation with Grey, as well as the ominous cloud of Murtagh’s observation, Jamie was in an incredibly good mood. He couldn’t remember the last time he smiled for no reason. He’d have to say that his last genuine smile had been with his Da the day before he died as they laughed together, working on that dumb old pickup. During his years with Colum, all of his smiles had a purpose: smile to charm, to manipulate, to ensnare, to seduce. None of those smiles were him, not really. And then, he met a curly-haired Sassenach in line at a coffee house and she had a smile on his face — wide and real— within seconds.

He was just now leaving that same coffee house with a paper bag full of special birthday muffins, turning in the direction back towards his flat, when his phone started to ring. He frowned down at the screen, not recognizing the number.



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