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Redeem Me: Chapter Eighteen


Happy Thursday! Here we go! 

Thanks to beta @notevenjokingfic​ who is so generous with her time and to my friends and supporters who make this journey so much fun! @lcbeauchampoftarth@smashing-teacups@happytoobservenolongerdistant@jack-andthestalk​ !! Love you all!! 💕💕

Chapter 19 will post next Thursday! 

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Chapter Eighteen: Maison Elise

Jamie rolled his shoulders under the stiff fabric of his suit, watching the wall of monitors in front of him. Most streamed footage from the “nightclub” side of the business. A paneled shot of the dance floor, the bar, the dj booth. A sweaty sea of bodies, clashing together, colored by the haze of alcohol and drugs.

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