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Deep as the Road is Long (Part II, Chapter 13)


Rating: General Audiences, pain and sadness.

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A/NI’ll give you a head’s up right now – part two is short, but it’s not easy. You’ve let me bring you this far, trust me to get Jamie and Claire through this, tooNew mood board made by @smashing-teacups; thank you love!


April 2016 (Part 2)

He never asks the question so much as Claire makes a decision on her own. She’s going to Scotland; she’s taking the time off from work and going with him. It pretty much ‘outs’ the nature of their relationship to anyone paying attention but what could it possibly matter now? If there are ethics brought up when she returns, she’ll deal with it then. Not now, not while she’s abroad. Later. Truth be told, she isn’t even sure he wants her there, but he hadn’t told her not to come when she’d said she wanted to be there for him. She took care of everything, getting the authorization to transport Faith back to Scotland, registering her death, gathering all of the paperwork needed. What Jamie needed to sign, she asked him to after explaining what each thing was. She isn’t sure he listened, just signed.

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