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idionymon: idionymon: i see a lot of people who are like, anti-capitalist and r conscious about…



i see a lot of people who are like, anti-capitalist and r conscious about various political issues, but online their presence is like overwhelmingly focused on spite and revenge and things like that which, justified or not, is like not very helpful and ultimately not good for you mentally either

maybe im just on some woo woo nonsense but i believe any “leftist”, anyone who wants to be a “revolutionary”, must first and foremost try 2 cultivate a deep love of other people and humanity as a whole

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Are we really doing this? Comparing Sam and Tony to Jim Jones! Really! Tony is Cait’s friend and employee. No more than that but, still a trusted member of the Heughan’s inner circle.

And Sam. Just because some of the MPC attendees are acting like he is a god, doesn’t make him a cult leader. He is raising money to fight CANCER, for God’s sakes. And helping many many people get healthy or healthier.

I was going to stay out of it. Truly. Then my friend @crushingcaitsam had her comment on the orginal post removed from a reblog. Well, you can ignore this post. Can even block me. But, I will have my say about these despicable acts.

And yes, I say despicable. What has Sam or Tony done to be linked and compared to a mass murder? Tony is playing a role. We might not like it. But, I firmly believe Sam and Cait have a good reason( or several) for carrying this act on. As for Sam, truly. He has committed the crime of raising money for cancer research and helping people get healthy! Call Scotland Yard!

So, block me if you want. But, I believe this fandom is better then this. There can be humour without it being mean. Humour without comparing two men to a fanatical mass murder.


This is my original post, that was deleted!

It’s sad, that at a time where Sam is celebrating he’s great achievement of raising money to HELP people in need, people who need help because they are fighting a dreadful disease CANCER, and he did this by suggesting that these people challenge themselves to do something for themselves, while they donate to the needs o those who need help and in this OL Fandom of his very own show that he is in, he is compared to or even worse the name of a vile, sick, disgusting man is mentioned in some comparison, even Tony isn’t warranted such a disgusting deed. Oh right, your blog, your right to say what you want, no matter what.

This fandom needs to take a good look at itself, once it’s starts comparing a mass muderer to people who most certainly don’t seserve it, and laugh about it, needs some consideration.

None of you wouldn’t like it. Thanks @renee-writer !

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Woman smoking at counter, a photo by Diane Arbus, New York, 1962

Deep as the Road is Long (Part II, Chapter 16)


Rating: General Audiences

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A/NSurprise! A bonus chapter. I realize I haven’t gone through and replied to anyone’s comments for the last chapter that was posted. I need to and I will, but in the meantime, I wanted to offer a chapter early as my sincere and heartfelt gratitude. The feedback has been passionate all the way around regarding this story whether readers have been frustrated with Jamie, sad for him (sad for both of them) or firmly on Claire’s side. I know I’ve said this before, but I really didn’t think anyone would ever read a story with this specific subject matter; I was just writing it for me. So, I’m really touched and floored at the reception of it all. Here’s hoping I stick the landing, and here’s to goodbye to Part 2! 

Thank you all so, so much from the bottom of my heart. Part 3 begins on Thursday.


December 2016

When the monitors began to pick up the rhythm in which they beeped, when Faith’s breathing changed, Claire knew. She’d yelled, that much she remembers, the screaming for Jamie, for someone to find him. Without thinking, she’d climbed right onto the bed with the little girl, reached out to touch her cheek, to beg her not to go, not yet. There were no life-saving measures performed; that hurdle and those signatures from Jamie to not resuscitate had been taken care of two weeks ago. And so, all Claire could do was hold Faith as she took her final breath, unable to process that it happened, that she was gone. The only sound was the single tone until Jamie thundered in, looking like a complete mad man, eyes wild as he took in the scene in front of him. Never in her life had she felt so much like nothing, trying to apologize while cradling his dead daughter.

Eventually, she’d moved so that he could take over, pulling Faith to his body and crying in a way that was so loud and so guttural Claire thought he might die, too. In the immediate days afterward, she tried telling herself she’d lost patients before, that she’d been the witness to more parents’ tears of agony than she could remember, but even with that thought, she knew this was different. Different because she’d started to fall in love with Jamie and she already loved Faith. The pain, at that time, was unmatched by anything she’d ever felt in her life. Even her husband’s death. When the police notified her of Frank’s accident she’d felt numb, felt nothing for such a long time. When it happened, she couldn’t imagine anything that would ever feel worse.

She learned after Faith’s funeral, there’s always a worse.

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roseydoux: Now, Voyager (1942)

Now, Voyager (1942)

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